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    Utility Printer

    I am looking for a new laser printer and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how I can get the most bang for my buck.

    The only requirements I have are that it is monochrome, has duplex, and is wireless.

    I don't want one with a copier or scanner; just more things to go wrong.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Wireless on a printer is pointless as you still have to power the printer up manually before sending a print job.
    Keep in mind the above don't affect wireless print servers or wireless bridges that you may attach to printers.

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    This one has auto duplex, monochrome, is wireless, and has cheap generic toner. I have had one for a year or two now and had no issues with it. You don't have to go and turn it on before you print, the networking component is always on.

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    I bought a Samsung ML 3471 ND last April for 179 euros.

    It has a network port so you can plug it in to a network (and thus access it via a wifi point) although I don't use it that way, the starter cartridge it comes with is rated for 4000 pages, the toner save function gives cartridges another 50% on top of that. Replacement toner cartridges are rated for 10000 pages, toner save makes that 15000 pages (84.95 at the place I bought the printer). It does 32 pages per minute, can print duplex (goes down to about 20 sheets per minute) and all kinds of different media. It is also very easy to clear any blockages in the paper feed, you can reach just about anywhere in the printer by removing a panel. You can also install more memory yourself if the stock memory isn't enough.

    On the lower 600 dpi setting the print quality is excellent, and if you turn up the resolution to 1200 dpi the edges are extremely well defined, no blurring at all.

    I use it for university work (lots of printing of papers and articles etc) and am still on the starter toner cartridge.
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    the best option for your characteristics is indeed the Brother HL-2270DW , its toner cartridge yields up to 2600 pages and a replacement will cost you some $35 if not less

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