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    If its saying the driver has crashed and has recovered it is not a heat issue, period. I have seen this problem often with factory overclocked GPU's, check and see if your card is overclocked from the factory. If it is underclock it to stock specs and this will fix the issue until blizz and nvidia can collaborate and get a driver together that fixes these problems.

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    To fix the problem download MSI afterburner (or something similar) and increase the GPU core voltage. I also have factory overclocked 570 GTX, and when I increased the core voltage from 1000 mV to 1038 mV, the problem vanished. Haven't had a single driver crash since that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dairtudreem View Post
    Hopefully someone can give me some idea as to what is causing this problem while I wait for CyberPower to open for the day.

    Yesterday, I opened the WoW launcher and ran to the kitchen, came back and I had a pink screen. First time this has happened - couldn't alt-tab or control-alt-delete so I shut down my computer. Checked all the cables to make sure they were plugged in properly and they were. Booted my computer up, started WoW again and played for a bit. WoW disappears and I get this error - NVIDIA windows kernel mode driver 2xx.xx has stopped working but recovered. Checked to see if my graphics driver needed an updated, and it did to version 301.42. Got that downloaded and installed, rebooted, played WoW some more and it happened again - once with the driver crashing but recovering, played some more and then I got the pink screen again.
    Hey I had this problem awhile ago as well. It's rather a driver or game issue, can't attest from where it exactly comes from. Reverting back to DX9 seems to be helping and turning SSAO off and in nvidia control panel to be sure Ambient occlussion should fix this issue.

    There's nothing wrong with your PC :>

    Try the driver 309.97

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