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    Question Cross server guilds

    I've been trying to find this for some time now and I just can't find any 100% accurate info about it so I tought someone here could know it!

    So here is my question: Will we be able to be in guilds that are not on our home server only?

    Here is an example of this: I have friends that decided to make guild on X server and I'll be making that X server my home server. Now, I have other friends that will have guild on Y server and I want to be in both guilds.

    I know that I can represent only 1 guild at time and that I can be "guest" at other servers if I have friends there. If we follow this logic than you should be able to be in guilds from different server indeed.

    Sorry for grammar mistakes and I'm looking forward to responses!

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    Guilds are all cross server. Your server, even your server region (NA/EU) is irrelevant when it comes to guilds

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    That's awesome, thanks!

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