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    Tips for improvements in holy

    Hello there,

    Can anyone out there throw in a few tips on how I could increase my healing?

    Is there anything wrong I am doing?

    I used to rank quite often in top 100 back in Cata but nowadays I'm finding it hard to rank and I'm trying my best


    Warcraft logs

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    No one?

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    There is an extra Thread for this kind of stuff: threads/1657740-HOLY-Fix-my-Heals! (sorry cant post links yet)

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    But I don't want that, I want specific opinions on my specific performance.

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    Which is exactly what that thread is about.
    You post logs and armory, we check and give feedback.

    It is to avoid 100 of threads asking for the same thing and us all having to look for who is asking for it. When it is all consolidated into a single thread, we look in there and we can all give advice.

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    Oh, This feels awkward then.. xD Thanks

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    Stop using light of dawn, don't use holy radiance unless you can hit 6 targets without overhealing.

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