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    Curse Client ''Installation failed''

    I'm having issued updating addons via Curse Client. Since i patched WoW yesterday, whenever i update an Addon via the curse client, it downloads fine then starts installing only to stop and tell me that the installation failed. And it does this with every single addon. Anyone else having this issue or knows how to fix it?

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    It was acting a little slow for me yesterday, so I decided to uninstall it. Otherwise, I've been going to the website to update my addons. I have the addons that I use saved in my favorites (in the Curse settings), and it does alert me when one is updated on the frontpage of Curse. Hopefully that solves your problem as an alternative. I'm sure the Curse crew knows.
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    ping. got the same problem, win 7. sometimes it isntalls, sometimes it sais installation failed. not sure what thats about really. the tool for folder permissions sais everything is fine, I got admin rights on my windows install etc. any idea?

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