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    Can someone explain intellect plate in WoD to me?

    Does intellect gear "turn" into somehing usefull when I would quest in a retibution offspec?

    In MoP, playing retri offspec in intelelct gear would mean I would hit like a wet noddle basically.

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    If you see a greyed out "strength" stat on the gear, yes, the intellect stats turn into strength when you switch to ret spec. It doesn't happen on all gear, like weapons, rings...So yeah, just look at the greyed out stats to see how useful it would be.
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    I would just like to add that secondary (and random tertiary) stats remain static while primary stats change depending on role/spec.

    In this instance, intellect plate with haste/crit for holy will change into str plate with haste/crit in ret.
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    Trinkets, rings, necks, cloaks, and weapons are all static - they never change. Everything else that has intellect will turn into strength depending on your specialization at that time.
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