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    I am currently thinking about upgrading to a new computer. I am looking to spend $1000 dollars at the most and pretty confident I could build it myself. Just wondering if anyone could suggest anything, be from their own system or just general knowledge, the best hardware combination I could put together from this budget. Keep in mind that I do use a computer heavily for gaming.

    Any input would be well appreciated!


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    I moved your post to the correct sub-forum. However, it is pretty vague, take a look at the stickies here, specifically this one:

    Want help with your build? Read me!

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    Seeing as black Friday and Cyber Monday is not to far down the road if your willing to wait I would. Cyberpower & ibuypower can have some great deals if you don't want to build it yourself.

    Otherwise I recommend a full tower, all my systems I have had are always the Mid towers, my last one is a full tower and its so much nicer for working room.
    I personally like: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...torm%20Stryker

    The real question is, do you want Intel or AMD? Do you plan to save any parts from your old PC graphics card or something?

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    Intel, and yes I'm saving my graphics card from my old PC , its less than a year old.

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