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    Buying a TV for Christmas

    I want to buy a TV for my parents for Christmas since they still have a big clunker of only 27" that needs to go (to a museum), but need some advice.

    3D and a smart TV is a no, because well 3D sucks and I don't want to buy a TV that's smarter than them.
    Since they really don't want anything much bigger it's somewhere in the 32" to 40" region I'm looking, they've recently become energy conscious so a TV that has a good energy label would be a plus (guess that means no plasma?)

    I've done some research and these seem the best price/quality wise, but which brand would / wouldn't you choose and would you go LED/LCD or Plasma?

    Blaupunkt - 32" LED
    Toshiba - 32" LCD
    Sony 32" LCD
    Samsung - 32" LED
    LG - 40" plasma (guess that's a no for the energy usage)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do yourself a favour and get atleast a 47" and don't bother with big brand names. I have 47" LCD I use for my computer monitor and t.v and I only paid 500 bucks a few years ago.

    Works like a charm.

    *edited to add* mines a Sanyo.

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