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    Updated with latest progress as well as adjustments to recruitment slots.

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    Still very much looking for a resto shaman, a disc or holy priest would also be nice!

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    Still looking for a nother good healer or two, as well as rogues and a dk/retri pala or two!

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    Updated with latest progress! Still searching for several classes/specs. Most of all a resto shaman and a disc/holy priest!

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    Stil spots open, where be the healers out there?! xD

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    Wtb a shaman healer!!!!

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    We are looking for another healer, as well as some dps, pls take a look at our recruitment page!

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    Some shifts in open spots, please take a look at our recruitment page!

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    Updated with a link to wow prog

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    Ambershaper down still some spots open, but some shifts in what we are looking for, so take a look at our recruitment page on our forum!

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    Downed last boss in HoF, then went on to do the first two in ToES the same night! We are still looking for a few more good players to fill out our raiding team, so check our recruitment page!

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    Added video links to our page on wow progress for the last few kills!

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    Lei shi and Sha of Fear also down!

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    First two bosses down on heroic in MSV. Took us a while to get there as we decided to clear everything on normal before even starting heroics, but we are not getting into heroics and I expect more kills to follow soon!

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