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    WoWhead not working?

    Hi, since yesterday wowhead isnt working for me normally in wowhead homepage theres no text except for the icons i deleted cookies, cache, disabled my addons and used other browsers but nothing its still the same, anyone know how to fix it?
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    I have same problem, tried to google for like 30 min, found nothing.. ;/

    i;m using chrome

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    Works fine for me, using chrome aswell.
    Does it work now for you guys?

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    Using Firefox here and it's working just fine. Have you tried to connect to the website with a proxy?

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    wowhead not working for me using Firefox/Chrome..... I have to use IE (IE works)

    EDIT : updating Java helped, wowhead is working again.
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    no it's not working for me, not even via proxy, I don't have other browsers except IE and it's not working there too, I've tried to reinstall java, even tried older/newer versions, still not working

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    Tried clearing your cache? happens to fix all kind of problems.

    PS: Wowhead works for me on all browsers.

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    yup, clearing cache works, thanks!

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    Seems no one has an awnser in all the threads I see, if you figure out how you can fix can you put step by step instructions of what you did? /simpleton

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    Hi Quexal, maybe this thread will be of more help to you:


    That thread was created yesterday and will probably be more active and get more replies if you post your problem there.
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