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    Horrible endgame zones

    Does anyone feel like me? I just hate Orr, that place is disgusting, I know there shouldnt be unicorns and rainbows, but come on, it's just dark and gloom, everything is destroyed and there's like 100 undead monsters for 10 meters square.
    All prevous zones were beautiful, either it was Kryta, Ascalon, or Shiverpeaks (especially that one), but we will be forced to spent most of the time in hellish place like Orr
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    Ciderland, arrgh.
    I imagine its subjective, I personally have always preferred brighter, luscious zones to gloomy zones, but if they fit in lore then its all good.

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    You could go to the Frostgorge Sound. The dragon event is fun and the area is not as populated with mobs. Orr seems to be a more party friendly place.

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    Well what you were expecting to see in an undead zone other than it being dark and gloom with undead all over the place? I personally love it but that's because i very much like undead theme zones in most games i play. Not every place gonna be a pretty landscape and that's totally fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuckerpooks View Post
    You could go to the Frostgorge Sound. The dragon event is fun and the area is not as populated with mobs. Orr seems to be a more party friendly place.
    Yep, Orr is the "outdoor raid" area. The place where you go with your guild / friends.

    I personally like how GW2 creates zones/creatures that really look undead. After all, Orr has been sunken and risen by Zhaitan, who forced the whole peninsula out of the sea.

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    I had lots of trouble in Orr, I died a lot

    I liked it.

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    All 3 remind me of western/eastern plaguelands, maybe with a bit more water :P

    I have not really seen many of these "outdoor raids" the giant dragon in the mashes at 40-50 seemed far more appropriate.
    The karma zerg in straits just constantly runs between like 4-5 different pretty normal looking events, kinda dull, doesn't ammount to some kind of overall narrative forwarding or conclusion. If this was not intended then more karma needs to be available from the success of these zone-wide quest chains instead, if they even exist.
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    I love snowy mountain zones, but Orr is absolutely amazing! The only place i might like more is the Crystal Desert!

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    I love the ruined Orian architecture, I think it's a very interesting interpretation of a human nation. This nation has been ravaged by war, exploded, sunk to the bottom of the sea and remained their for years and finally raised from the depths to the surface again; and it really does show.

    I agree it does feel very oppressive and dangerous and I love it for that. It's awfully stressful doing anything there and it makes me appreciate the safer, lighter feel of the other zones when I go there for a break.

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    Orr is pretty depressing but that really does fit the theme and makes it feel more epic to me. I don't particularly enjoy running across massive maps being chased by undead chickens though. I haven't really gotten that into Orr myself. I like the lore and I find the theme fitting but there just don't seem to be enough people at 80 pushing in there yet. Even when I manage to save a camp or do something that feels like a made a difference, when I run past it 5 minutes later the NPCs are all dead on the floor and it's been over-run again which makes me sad. Apparently, I cannae save the world alone and I'm not convinced that the areas are going to be fun for low population servers.

    But aesthetics wise it's got some nice touches, I personally like the norn and snow areas best but I like zones that actually feel like they need my help - and happy pretty areas don't really make me feel like I'm saving the world.

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    I agree for a zone that's supposed to promote exploration you really can't move for the 9 million mobs (overkill I know) and the area's just don't have a flow to them for me, everything is boxed off and requires tons of running around to get from point A to B even though on the map it's 2 yards away...I don't like the zone really.

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    Forgive my ignorance but I was under the impression that in times of war, destruction follows.

    "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."

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    I like Orr, but i prefer the snowy mountiain in Frostgorge Sound. I just jump back and forth between them.

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    I think Orr is one of the only cool stylized zones on the game. Loving it so far.

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    A city that was sunk beneath the waves for hundreds of years by a magical explosion and then brought back to the surface by an undead dragon followed by him creating thousands of living corpses into his minions is not a pleasant place to be? Damn, who would have thought that.

    That said, I do believe there's a fine line between making a zone dark and gloomy and still make players want to visit that zone, and making a zone dark and gloomy and make players hate the idea of having to go there. I think Orr falls into the former category.

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    I can't wait for more 80 zones to get introduced, i like the high level weapons and crafting items from there, but i've 100% Orr and tbh i can't be arsed running about in the same zone for hours on end, especially when it's 3 events jumping between each other for ages.

    I hope we get a level 80 shiverpeak zone, though most likely it'll be crystal desert which i'm fine with, or ring of fire, which i won't be looking forward too - damn you gw1 for making me hate that place!

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    So the zone isn't really horrible, 'you' just don't find it aesthetically pleasing. Which you shouldn't. Unless you have a weird fetish for dead things.

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    I think it's actually beautiful, they've managed to keep a "just came from the underwater" zone which is quite impressive, the only thing I dislike about it is the ammount of monsters in the area, it's way too difficult to get the 100% alone, but that's the whole idea, to go with your partners and have some fun.

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    Orr would be fine if they readjust the gen pop of those 3 zones. And most especially, the respawn rate. In some areas [underwater] the respawn is totally ridiculous where I see a mob literally respawn as I just kill them.
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    It's Orr and we're fighting undead, don't see how it's horrible in any way. It's supposed to be like that. It's also not forced, once you do the outdoor raids there, there's really no point in going back unless you're that desperate for more levels after 80. Arah in the 80 zone is the only thing you'll need to keep going back for.

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