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    Hydras as pets?

    Okay so first off, if im right, and I usually am a hydra in wow is a 3 headed "water dragon" such as the one in ZF,

    Ive seen a few people QQ they can't get a hydra as a pet,

    and todays blue post showed this

    "Can you please tell us why hunters can't tame hydras? Goats and porcupines seem silly in comparison. Just sayin.
    Mostly it's because we hate the model. If we update it, then taming would be on the table. Standard no promises."

    Which reminded me, I took this screen shot last week,

    Im pretty sure thats a hydra
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    I thought it was Dire Beast, but then I noticed the name.
    Only time Hydras was tamable was during this bug and based on the model I assume this Hunter got lucky or something.:

    Untamable: Don't get too excited - this family cannot be tamed by hunters at this time.
    You may, however, see some Ghost Hydras running around in-game. Due to a bug, they could be tamed long ago as *crocolisks*. They became hydras in Patch 4.1.
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    I can't see pic but there was a bug were you could get a ghost hydra for a while but it was removed soon after. If you are one of the lucky hunters to have tamed it you got to keep it.

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    It was possible to tame a hydra in sholazar at the same time, when you could tame a slime.
    If you have tamed it at that moment, you are still allowed to use it, but you can't tame the hydra anymore.

    Edit: Kalium was a bit faster

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    There's been a singluar hydra that was tameable (along with an ooze)

    It spawned from one of the Oracle dailies, and when tamed was a member of the crocolisk family.

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    I've seen many hunters with a ghost hydra

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    there was a bug in wrath where 1 hydra became tameable, just like the ooze pet, that's technically a crocolisk

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    Indeed. As was said, due to a bug, you could at one time tame a crocolisk that looked like a hydra.

    Wait a second... hydra... crocolisk...


    ...should... should we be scared?
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    Due to a glitch in WoTLK, people were able to tame a hydra in Sholazar Basin, but at that time that "bugged" hydra was in the crocolisk family, blizzard fixed the glitch and allowed the hunters who had already tamed it to keep it, and they gave it a "Hydra" family and a special ability, here is the "Hydra" u r talking about

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    Pff, this thread reminded me to check if the hydras' talent trees are still a bit bugged. Sadly they seem to have been fixed, which was to be expected I guess.

    Hydras, before 5.0.4, were the ultimate soloing pet. Originally, as it has been mentioned, they were tagged as crocolisks (= tenacity). After 4.1 though, they added the hydra pet family (= ferocity) and unless you went to a pet trainer to reset your talents, you got to keep your old talents + pick 11 new talents from the ferocity tree.

    Basically you had a pet with 17 tenacity and 11 ferocity talents. -link-
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    I think I should add to this very constructive thread that there was a time you could tame a Hydra with a bug. Has it been said yet? oh...

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    I kind of regret asking that question on twitter, as the answer was the kind of BS we all come to expect. However it's better then no answer at all. Maybe someday we'll get them, just be patient.
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    I kind of wish they'd give my slime pet it's own thing like they did for the hydra. :/
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    I think I should add to this very constructive thread that there was a time you could tame a Hydra with a bug.

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    I have to agree with what Ghostcrawler said there. Hydras have horrible models and even worse animations. Can you imagine a Hydra running alongside a mounted hunter? It would look ridiculous.

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    Who remembers when you could tame your own worgen? I had one for awhile.

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    This be a thread winner here.

    I actually LIKE Hydra animations and their models. Sure, they're outdated...but what in WoW ISN'T? I've wanted to tame a Hydra since Vanilla. I missed taming the Ghost Hydra by...sheesh, I think a day? When I finally got to the point where I could tame it, I did the quest once, no Hydra, then the patch/hotfix/whatever came in and fooked my chance. ><

    The Worgen was the first 'bugged' pet I ever tamed. They patched it out a week later, but I used that thing all the time.

    I helped my sister back in BC get the original Ghost Wolf. Her hunter, even though she no longer plays, still has it. It was entertaining after the spirit pet wolf came out, we'd be in random, and people would be weirded out that we had the 'spirit wolf' pet, but had the furious howl buff lol. Haxxors! :-)
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    I have a green hydra from a bugged quest like 5 years ago
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    Similar situation to the old ghost wolf bet that you had to tame with mind control, meta gem and blood lust. Was unintended, they fixed it, but you got to keep it if you had it. They added Karoma though so the ghost wolf isn't cool any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    Similar situation to the old ghost wolf bet that you had to tame with mind control, meta gem and blood lust. Was unintended, they fixed it, but you got to keep it if you had it. They added Karoma though so the ghost wolf isn't cool any more.
    Except you don't have be boring ole' BM to use it. :P (shush BM hunters, SURV4LIFE)

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