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    JC uncut gems

    I-ney, I just came back from one of my many breaks and realised I left off with shitloads of uncut green quality gems.
    What should i do with them? I'm guessing I should transmute reds into better quality and cut them for maximum profit & use the rest of the gems to craft/disenchant,

    So my question follows, is there's even any market for any of this with only weeks left to MoP?


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    Keep them for when people want to level JC on their alts, and they're considered "rare" like all of the old world stuff?
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    If you have an enchanter, and depending on your server....I always crafted the non red 'green quality' gems into necks/rings and then de'd. Made a ton doing this over a few months...but the need for enchanting mats this late isn't too great.
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    Uncommon quality gems = save for MoP to sell

    Rare quality gems = try to unload your rubies now. Might be worth saving Dream Emeralds since I know Engineers use it for something, but I think overall these will be fairly worthless as you can hit 500 without ever cutting a Rare quality gem. Worst comes to worst, just mass cut then and vendor.

    Epic quality gems = If you want to try to save as much MoP mats as possible, save Epic gems you have and cut them until they grey out at 535. Otherwise try to AH them as their worth will be equivalent to TBC rare+epic gems for newer JCers.

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