View Poll Results: What Race Will You Roll for Monk?

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  • Pandaren

    278 48.35%
  • Dwarf

    23 4.00%
  • Human

    50 8.70%
  • Draenei

    23 4.00%
  • Gnome

    38 6.61%
  • Night Elf

    21 3.65%
  • Blood Elf

    33 5.74%
  • Orc

    32 5.57%
  • Tauren

    24 4.17%
  • Troll

    17 2.96%
  • Forsaken

    36 6.26%
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    What Race Will You Roll for Monk?

    Just a poll to see what race people are choosing for their monks.

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    Epic! MrWolly's Avatar
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    Pandaren, as it's the only race I have never played.

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    Tauren. It simply makes sense.

    Someone voted Dwarf <3 If I rolled an alliance monk, no doubt it would be a dwarf.
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    HAs to be a troll... most of my toons are trolls

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    Bloodsail Admiral Brightamethyst's Avatar
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    Depends. In the end it's all about aesthetics so it depends on which race I think looks best as a monk. If I end up liking how the pandas look, then pandaren. Otherwise probably human or draenei (female.)

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    Pandaren. The food racial will be nice for both tank and dps in pve, (I'm the swing tank) and they look hilarious and have awesome animations.

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    Pandaren Monk. I have 1 slot open. 2 birds with 1 stone.

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    probably panda, that way I can check out both the starting zone and the spec at once

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    What I always choose, orc or tauren, male
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Pandaren for me as well. Perhaps a blood elf later on another server, just because it doesn't make much sense

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    To infinity and beyond det's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caninese View Post
    Pandaren, as it's the only race I have never played.
    My reasoning exactly. There is a chance I dislike Pandaren as I dislike Tauren for being too inhuman, but I am gonna try it anyhow.

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    Mechagnome arisoh's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caylis View Post
    HAs to be a troll... most of my toons are trolls
    Same. Or female orc.

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    I've been considering dwarf, especially since it fits the name I've saved "Freshbrewed" very well. But most of my characters are dwarves, so I'm thinking of just going with pandaren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caninese View Post
    Pandaren, as it's the only race I have never played.
    Same here. I've got one of each Alliance race on my server, but the only multiples I have are for Humans, Night Elves, and Worgen. Depending on the player character model alterations, that's subject to change.

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    Draenei or Dwarf. I'll race change my Shaman to Pandaren, think will look awesome.

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    Gnome. Just imagine the awesomeness of a gnome monk rolling around like Yoda. Too cool!

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    The Lightbringer Bluesftw's Avatar
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    was planing to roll human female monk for ridiculously oversized fists...but since most monk animations dont display weps i kinda dont care for making one anymore ;<

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    Most likely Tauren, but Pandaren is certainly not out of the question.

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    The Insane
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    Draenei because they are superior.

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