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    I love that Arena Net turned off digital sales of GW2 for a few days so as to maintain quality of play for those who have purchased the game already while they work on server space and stability, and as soon as they start sales again they get to 2mil. It really shows that they are willing to put the players and the game before their profits, and shows that they have enough confidence in their game that they can actually stop sales just after release to work on it, knowing that in the long run they will do fine.

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    They will be able to restore characters and items in the future. No game has offered this feature right at the start, you have to give them time to start recording everything. With how large this release was (the biggest) give them a bit of time to get things sorted out. future mmos should compete with wow's current state, that would be too much to ask; let us compare it to when wow came out 6+ years ago since that is what it is competing with (not really, thats why many recent mmos failed)
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