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    blizzcon 2013 and project titan

    k so I have never been to a blizzcon because of many reasons such as living in new jersey and its always during school year but now that im graduating college and will be making a salary come this may I will be able to 1: afford but also 2: have the freedom to go to blizzcon 2013. But is this the blizzcon to go to? Im not really interested in Starcraft little things, diablo 3 expansions or w/e that may come, but more importantly i assume a WoW expo wont be out again within 12 months. SO with all this being said do u think 2013 blizzcon will be the big year for project titan to be announced? Announced meaning what it is!? I know the rumors, and have heard dozens of them on what it is but honestly im a huge blizzard fanboy and ive been craving to know what this thing is going to be for so long and ide love to witness it first hand.

    What are your guys opinion on blizzcon 2013 and what might be announced there?
    But also do any of you have opinions or knowledge of project titan?

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    They will likely announce the next WoW expansion at the next blizzcon

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    If there is going to be next Blizzcon.
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    Closing this down. Please use the search function. There have been TONS of Titan discussion threads, and we don't need more of them.

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