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    alchemy transmutation cooldowns in MOP

    correct me if i'm worng and i hope i'm wrong, aren't elemental transmutes the only ones with cooldowns anymore? so according to this http://www.wowhead.com/news=203845.2...lchemy-preview there'll be a seperate cooldown for elemental, metal and gem transmutes. again, aren't the elemental ones the only that incur a cooldown? if that is the case that's one horribly disguised nerf to transmutation as it is. okay, so maybe it'll have a benefit in mop if they add lucrative transmutations of each type, but if they retroactively re-add a cooldown to the others?

    the way i remembered it and hoped it was was a separate cooldown per expansion. that's apparently not the case. i've been drinking so it's possible i'm blowing stuff out of proportions, plus i'm still upset over CRZ, so again may be prone to snap judgements. if someone of sound mind and knowledge might weigh in i would appreciate it.

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    Looks like gems have a cd too now :| http://mop.wowhead.com/spell=46715 (each of them do, on a separate 23h cd is my reading of it)

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