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    Summer all the way. Early Summer (Spring) too.

    I much prefer having a summers day pass by and regretting it going to waste than a winters day where you are stuck inside because it is miserable outside.
    I absolutely prefer being warm (even too warm) than cold.
    I love being able to jump into a river, lake or the ocean to cool off, and possibly make a day of it with various water sports/activities.
    I like taking cold showers... and stepping out into a warm room/house... with all the windows open!
    The ability to wear less clothing/footwear and feel more comfortable is a huge plus! Flipflops forever!
    A summer day just opens more choices and options for me to spend my day when compared with a winter day, considering the activities I enjoy.
    Oh, and more hours of daylight just put me in a better all around mood.

    Don't get me wrong, I do love snow. But where I grew up there was a decent chance you could still be skiing/snowboarding into late April or May, allowing for spring skiing where you could get away with wearing pants and a t-shirt in 60ish degree weather (16 Celsius). Oh and possibly a hellish sunburn.
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    Winter, because I like the cold weather, and I can't take off my skin if I get too hot.

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    Definitely winter. Warming up when you're freezing is a much better feeling than trying to cool off when you're scorched imo.

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    6 month without sun, with the sky always covered by low dark clouds.
    When you have to wear 5 kilos of cloth every time you go out.
    When you move from one warm place to another, because its DAMN COLD outside.
    When you have to spend 6 month out of 12 at home, because you start to hate winter, snow and cold with all your heart.

    I guess you have to live in place with REAL winter for few decades to understand that.

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    Winter to answer the poll. Its a tough decision. But I like winter more compared to summer. My favorite season is autumn. I don't get allergies, its not hot too cold.

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    I would go for fall or spring personally, but out of the two, winter in texas is much more enjoyable, esp if you work outside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Definitely winter. Warming up when you're freezing is a much better feeling than trying to cool off when you're scorched imo.
    Ditto - Love the feeling of warming up hehe

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    I live in FL, WTF is winter?

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    Winter, cus all the fun is in the winter. Skiing, which is really important, since I study at a alpine skiing school. When it's winter it's beautiful outside. You have an excuse to stay inside if you don't feel like going out (cus it's bloody fucking cold outside). You can battle your friends down an icy slope with a "kick sled"(?). You can throw snowballs at peoples windows til they break. You can throw snowballs at cars driving by, you can take your twintips walk up the village hills and build a massive kick and have fun. You can train on doing crazy stunts, cus falling in the snow doesn't hurt. You can drive snowmobiles in powder, you can ski in powder. You can go ice skating.

    Ye.... winter is awesome, too bad summer has to take up half my time :/

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    I can deal with cold. Put on more clothing.

    Can't deal with heat. Can't get more naked than naked.
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    After ice on the road made me get in my one and only crash (luckily undocumented!) I simply hate the winter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakia View Post
    Neither really. I much prefer Fall above the other seasons.

    > Crisp air
    > No heat and humidity that Iowa usually sees during the summer
    > Less rain than the Spring
    > Beautiful colors from the trees
    > No snow and below zero temperatures

    . . . . Oh, and football.
    Aye, autumn is my favorite, largely for the reasons you have listed. Winter is a close second, though. I love shoveling snow out in the muted cold, walking down to the beach on a snowy afternoon, or just staying inside where it's a comfortable warm.

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    Winter. I love the snow, I love the cold, I love the shorter days. Sometimes there can be a little too much snow, and at parts of the year the days are a little too short (barely any daylight at all), but in spite of that I still really like it, and always have. I like the frozen water, I like the feel of the air, I like the look of the trees and fields covered in snow... I just like everything about it.

    I don't really like anything about summer. Too bright for too much of the day (and night), too many insects, too hot; I can't sleep well in the heat, physical activities I enjoy doing when it's cold give me a headache when it's too hot (even with proper hydration and so on)... that's not to even get started on the kids everywhere. But the worst part is how hard it is to get cold when I feel too hot; getting warm when I feel too cold is really easy - just move around a little, or put on more clothes. I can only take off so many clothes in public, and even in private it stops at the skin!

    I know a lot of people who get really depressed during winter, because of the cold, and the short days, who love summer, but I've always been the other way around. Every day when I wake up with snow outside a window puts a smile on my face, I don't know why - it just does.
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    Summer by far.
    I hate wearing thick clothes and cold weather and wet snow so basicly i hate winter. I never go out during winter unless it's absolutely necessary or i go to my car.
    Only good thing about winter is that you can have fun with car without destroying tires.
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    Summer cuz im from the Caribbean and I cant stand the cold. Living in the sunshine state suits me because the climate is similar to the climate in my original country which is less than 200 miles away.

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    In January/February I usually start wanting spring/summer. Then after a few too many days where it is just too hot, I start wishing for winter again.

    Best though are spring days where it is not too cold to go out in just a Tshirt but not too hot that you cant really enjoy exercising. And the evenings need to be warm still as well. That weather every weekend would be great.

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    Summer is the time for attractive people.

    So Winter.

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    Summer because cloudy weather makes me moody, depressed and stressed. Which is what never happens during summer here, with the exception of the odd thunder storm.

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    Definately summer, I love the long, bright days. Of course, it can get too hot, but I'd take a heatwave over a blizzard any day .. Also, I always seem to get semi-depressed about halfway through winter .. Should be noted that I'm from Denmark, so we don't really get that much extreme weather

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    Autumn, there's nothing more beautiful when the leaves change their colours and I love the wind in autumn.
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