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    New to MoP Paladin, two questions regarding it.

    I'm new to the MoP paladin and I have to say that I'm rather quite enjoying it with no complaints. However, I am level 43 because it's my new toon so I've yet to know what 85-90 will hold. But my two questions are as follows:

    1) I know that Seal of Truth is our main seal but then on websites I read during AoE you want to use Seal of Righteousness, so what I was wondering in regards of tanking. Can I start the dungeon with Righteousness and use it all the way up until single target bosses then swap to Truth or can I just use Righteousness during the whole dungeon so that I don't have to swap seals? And in regards of Ret, pretty much the same concept. Can I use Righteousness from the start then change to Truth on single target or will I have that much of a DPS loss if I just use Righteousness during the whole dungeon?

    2) I was talking to a friend who runs a warrior tank who's my same level, when I go into Prot and they're in tanking as well, we noticed they have a bit more mitigation and armor. What's the reason for that? Is it because I've yet to get fully into plate, warriors naturally have more armor, or because we lost our auras such as Devotion for the extra armor?

    - Much appreciated.

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    While you can use SoR full time the while tanking, however i would not recommend it as it will be a dps loss in non-aoe situations. Single target SoT is still king. Seal swapping takes no time at all and theres not many fight coming up where there will be constant seal swapping, at least nothinglike we had to do in BC.

    While warriors may have a bit more armor, the warrior who tanks with me has about 6k more then i do, damage intake feel pretty even though. Our mitigation is fine it's not something that can be judged while lvling, gear lvl plate/nonplate no reforging/gems/enchant until maxx lvl nothing can be taken at face value.

    Having tanked on beta paladins are in a good spot, with all the changes it's just something everyone has to adjust to. Hope that helps

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    In my own experiences, unless DPS go crazy on an add that you are not Shield of the Righteous-ing, I have found that SoT is ok-ish for trash.

    SoTruth provides constant threat on the boss, while SoRight does not. Considering how spikey our threat can be, use SoTruth on bosses.

    Personally I love the changes. Holy Power generation is in a good spot, not too fast but not as slow as Cata. Still adjusting to the "heartbeat". Shield of the Righteous off the GCD??? YES PLEASE!!!!

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    Armor depends on item level of pretty much all the items.

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    1) Use Righteousness only when you have 4 or more targets to hit at that won't die in 5 seconds. Anything below you want to stick with Truth.

    2) Without more information on both you and the warrior, it's hard to say why at your level.

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