View Poll Results: How many subs will be cancelled by the end of MoP?

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  • 0 people will have canceled

    316 27.94%
  • Less than 500,000

    223 19.72%
  • 500,000 - 1,000,000

    188 16.62%
  • 1,000,001 - 2,000,000

    156 13.79%
  • 2,000,001 - 3,000,000

    90 7.96%
  • More than 3,000,000

    158 13.97%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnolp View Post
    People will certainly cancel, but I'd think that enough others will rejoin to counter it.
    This is what I think. Unless Blizzard messes up badly like they did during the Cataclysm patches. What's in the beta now is quality content, so that can't be the cause for people leaving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karapoyraz View Post
    Wow will lost all subs after one week of MoP release ,blizzard will close %90 of servers and will announce wow's death oficialy and game will go free to play for those didnt try yet for eternity.

    ... and all of the QQboys jizz their pants

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    Depends on the patches, content and the announcement of the next expansion. I don't doubt that there will be losses, but I also think there may be enough gained to balance out. So I put in, about 500k. Personally, I'd be tempted to quit if monks don't pan out (but I think that they'll be decent).

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    It's not fair to just ask how many unsubbed. You have to look at the pre-expansion subs (for instance, the numbers after the unsubs from Cata) compared to the number at the END of MoP. So if they have fewer subs at the end of MoP than they had at the end of Cata, there's actually a loss. I honestly don't think the numbers will be any different, and I would guess higher if anything, not lower.

    Here you can see a slight drop through the end of WotLK, followed by a surge back with the release of Cata. Then a dramatic drop at the end of Cata to a number not seen since BC days. I'm quite sure that MoP will trigger a massive resub, and I really doubt it will drop in MoP as much as it did at the end of Cata.
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    I'm actually positive that this expansion will loose less subs than Cata did, but that's just me. :P
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    By the end of the expansion?

    Easily 2-3 Million, mostly from lulls in between content, especially if they end up with months on end until the next iteration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    No option for gains in subs. Wether or not it's even possible for such an old game to start growing again, it just reeks of subtle "The game is dying"

    May I say that I think this thread is slightly biased?
    slightly? totally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azahel View Post
    slightly? totally
    There's a thread going about how many subs Mists will gain.

    Please don't be so offended.

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    Have you had anything positive to say about the game the last 1,000 or so posts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seirith View Post
    Whoever voted for 0 people is wrong because as soon as I am 90 and have tried the raids a few times I am letting my account close when my annual pass is up.
    Why even bother buying mop if your going to quit as soon as possible?

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    I can't say. I know next month when the Q3 numbers come out we'll likely see a drop.

    But the Q4 numbers should show a sizable gain as people return for MoP.

    The question will be Q2/3 of next year, when we get into the middle part of this expansion. If players drop off again then we know dark times are ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Direction View Post
    Why even bother buying mop if your going to quit as soon as possible?
    Mommy and Daddy's credit card.
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    Always negativity, the expansion is about to launch lets be positive people !

    I will skip your poll and say 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davesurfer View Post
    Is it possible that Cata sucked and people may come back for MOP and stay?
    I have to agree with this. Just because an expansion sucked in most people's eyes doesn't mean every expansion has to follow that route.

    I know a good majority of people were disappointed in Cata and some weren't. Personally having played the beta of both I would say MoP is better than Cata by a vast margin. The biggest selling point (imo) for Cataclysm was the world being redone, which sadly wasn't even revisited by most unless you are leveling so in the big picture it wasn't considered end game content.

    End game content is the biggest selling point of each expansion if there's not enough (Cataclysm) number will drop. MoP attempts to rectify this by offering Pet Battles, Tiller's Farming, Farming for mats (instead of buying all from AH), raids, LFR, Scenarios, challenge modes. In my opinion, I think this will be enough to keep people playing and interested and will prevent the huge fall off of numbers on subscription, unlike Catalcysm.

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    They don't actually post how many people cancel, they post total subscriptions. For all we know 6 million people canceled and 3 million people joined. This thread is pointless because they don't ever make the data of how many people actually canceled public. I'm not voting in this thread because we never receive the information the OP is creating the poll about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldschoolwow View Post
    Blizzard will lose how many subscriptions?

    It's a safe bet they won't gain since they have consistently lost subs following the release of their last expansion. People will leave, we all know this and those of you still playing probably accept it/don't care. It was a good run.

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    Optimistic voting thus far. I will ask that only currently active account holders vote because they have a better sense of the conditions.

    As some one that unsubbed back in jan 11 I will not be voting.
    How is this a safe bet mr genius? Do you realize why people left? Because the expansion itself was shitty and blizzard themselves know this. If MoP is shitty it will lose 3m. If its good it will regain subs and hit about 11-13m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papapwn View Post
    How is this a safe bet mr genius? Do you realize why people left? Because the expansion itself was shitty and blizzard themselves know this. If MoP is shitty it will lose 3m. If its good it will regain subs and hit about 11-13m.
    Ok buddy no need to get your panties in a twist. Sorry if my poll offended you but I'm basing my assumption on statistical trends for the past 2 expansions. If the trend continues then MoP will lose people. I have no reason to think otherwise.

    So calm down you'll give yourself a hernia stressing over a game.

    Also just so I don't forget to bump this if I'm still around mmo champ when mop ends I'll add to my sig so we can time capsule this poll and see how the numbers went.

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    " 0 people will have cancelled "

    That is EXTREMELY doubtful
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    Quote Originally Posted by H3llion View Post
    " 0 people will have cancelled "

    That is EXTREMELY doubtful
    People have their opinions. I doubt they will be correct but they have every right to voice what they believe my poll is meant for all opinions.

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    honestly even if mop is a super amazing game this expansion is going to be my last i already know. its time to get movin on with my life...

    so, at least 1

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    If anything i beleieve it will gain subs, MoP looks awesome to me

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