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    RMD or LMD ? 3's

    Hello, Im playing with my friends and looking forward what works better with druid and mage, is it warlock or rogue ?

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    A combat rogue could buff the burst of your mage by +15% during Tricks, which could be timed with a 9second kidney shot which would give you all 10% extra damage due to Prey on the Weak. In a smokebomb. Sub rogue would offer a bit more CC and sin rogue comes with an execute button, both at the cost of the 9second stuns. Maybe I'm over-rating the stun, but our damage at 90 doesn't look like anything to shout about.

    As for what a lock could bring to the team, I haven't played one at 90 so can't comment.
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    I think MLD will be stronger. But if you want something even stronger I would go with a shadow priest. I think Shatreeplay will be the best come in s12 by a long way.

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