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    Quote Originally Posted by Redlikemyrage View Post
    You are a sad player. Being a tank is easy, anyone still trying to pretend it is a difficult, or entitling, roll is simply fooling themselves. Honestly, I can't wait till Blizzard puts the LFR loot model into 5 mans. Can't wait to see all the players like you QQing that if you want to get dps gear, you have to queue as dps and suffer queue times. When you do begin the tears, remember that it is bogus players like you that created the need for it.
    Do you realize if that would happen, you'd loose alot of tanks making the queue times 2-3 hours if you're lucky...I have a strong feeling you and other people will cry endlessly more then "us" tanks, wishing and regretting you QQ so much about tanks rolling on what they're allowed to...
    If its that easy(not saying its hard...) but why not queue as tank and get faster times and "more" loot ?

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    You have heard of challenge modes right? Blizzard quote: "You cannot out-gear challenge modes, you can only out-skill them."

    Normal and heroic dungeons are casual friendly. If you want a challenge try challenge mode dungeons and storm the challenge mode ladder. Since gear is normalized in challenge mode it doesn't matter if you are decked in epics or not. Only skill and knowledge will get you through in gold time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    Than show respect and either ask the dps if you can roll with him and hope he sais yes, or your guild should help you get the dps gear.

    And honestly if you were in my guild I'd kick you if I'd know how you got geared.
    If you kicked people because of things like that, I wouldn't be in your guild in the first place. I, however, have been an officer in every guild I've been in because I'm reliable and skilled and I have a powerful voice that immediately stifles dissent. I personally have no respect for people that refuse to take advantage of their hybrid situation and then cry when the people that do get a luckier roll on gear they wanted. I think they are sad. And completely unworthy of respect.

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    Sorry for the bump but I figured it'd be better than making a new thread - I have gotten 466 iLvl and after I got EVERYTHING I needed from 5 mans except the rare drops, I decided to give DPS tanking a try. What a joke. Top damage done by far (usually, one 458 DK beat me or kept up with me, that's it) and I was using heroic strike/cleave more often than shield barrier especially on trash. It got hairy at times if I pulled too much or didn't have a CD up at all and certain bosses required more barries and less heroic strikes/cleaves. Shield block is ridiculous for trash, and I got a 577k execute crit on the first boss of SNT.

    The 2 healers I ran with loved it and said I wasn't hard to heal at all and the DPS were grateful for the instant queues, and I made around 1k gold from bags and drops alone. I've picked up 2 actual tanking pieces so far too. Have not gotten anything nice in the satchel yet. And the str DPS I ran with didn't seem to mind the idea of me need rolling on any 1% weapon drops in exchange for instant chain queues- I'll still ask before rolling though and try to run with someone who doesn't mind. This makes the valor grind a LOT more bearable.

    To be honest, tanking entry 5 man heroics with ICC 25N/10H gear was harder than this because you could be crit and were therefore spikier, and the lack of victory rush healing. And you didn't have so many CDs to rotate, and yes, the instances were harder at release than the new heroics - Spellflingers and Loken say hi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorman View Post
    What parts of personal life were dropped to achieve this "world first"? What sleep patterns were used/abused? Did the raiders eat and drink properly during said "progress"? ... These are important questions that should be addressed before we even start "admiring" that world first.
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    These aren't even heroics. Blizz just didn't want the shitties crying so they kept the name "heroic" on the normal 90 dungeons. Tank them in spirit greens if you want.

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