Thread: windwalker pvp?

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    windwalker pvp?

    Is it me or do they just suck in pvp? I'm starting occasional fights against horde 1v1 and I can't get them down, once I'm cc'ed I use my human racial then they cc me again aka poly or fear. I mean, I have hardly any way to break it before I die, and my self healing is piss poor.

    Compared to just about everything else. The amount of stun time they have is great, chain fof & leg sweep its annoying I cant imagine but I just don't feel like I'm comparing to any other melee classes.

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    how are you dying in cc that breaks on dmg? I think you are playing how your avatar looks

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    You have the best mobility of any melee class in the game. You don't know how to use your trinket correctly, popping it on the first CC. You don't know how to use the monk's amazing self healing. PEBKAC.

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    I mistaken fear for death coil. By the time I got in his range again he had already dotted me down.

    The mage has frost nova & frost bolt...yay for frostmage rage.

    But honestly, I doubt either have you played windwalker on pvp if you knew how I felt.

    Monk self healing when not in mistweaver spec is excessively poor if you have no chi, which you can not generate if you cannot get in melee range. 25% chance from non-moving range channeled spell is pretty poor. The mobility comes at a cost. You cannot control the amount of which you can roll, and it seems like flying serpent kick has got like a .5 delay which makes a difference believe it or not

    I'm just gonna tag this on here. Prove you play windwalker then talk. Your words mean nothing if you don't play the spec

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    im sorry, but i cant take you seriously with that avatar... I still stand behind my first comment

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    I'd comment about your no avatar but your a waste of time

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    you're*, as in you're a lost cause

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    Well I can't "comment" on ww pvp yet since I'm only lvl 25. But have you tried using Fists of Fury for the stun? Also, low lvl pvp is still pretty much broken. Just saying.

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    Windwalkers can flag run well but they are pretty much awful for arena play right now, and have been considered pretty terrible since beta.

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    I've had some laughs in AV with people jumping me 5 vs 1, comming out alive. There's no problem here.

    PS. Pick Chi Wave and see if that self-healing is still "poor".
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    I'm doing well 1on1 and in bgs, but our damage is a little low. We have great control and escape though and good utility in general for pvp. No one can really escape us at all. But yeah, we need a little dps boost for sure though. I am level 90 currently btw.

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    Rogue pop on you

    stun stun --> trinket

    stun again, then -50% damage during 8sec

    Karma? Cos
    Chi wave? don't heal enoguht
    disarm --> dodge

    Seriously there is no way to kill a rogue, our survival tools against melee are close to nothing

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    Make a macro
    /castsequence reset=8 Expel Harm, Chi Wave, and tap it twice. That's huge healing considering the low cd.

    You also have 2 stuns: fof and leg sweep. If shit looks dire, just paralysis (also low cd ) and mount up.

    Funny enough, the tank spec, doesn't seem to have the same weaknesses as other tank specs have. I mean you're not really vulnerable to kiting considering you got an almost free and spammable ranged slow, rolls and some sort of intercept, nor is your damage utter balls.
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    windwalker is broken, i predict buff inc!

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    Rogues are by far the easiest class i have found to kill in a 1v1

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    Windwalker needs buff yes, as bad as OP makes it sound? No. I think for OP it is a L2P issue.

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