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    where to start at dread waste?

    hey guys just dingd 89 , and where and how do i begin at the dread waste? can't get any info ,,T_T
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    I asked the same thing yesterday.

    Anyway, just fly back to your faction capital in the Valley of Eternal Blossoms, you'll have a quest taking you to the Dread Wastes there. It will also unlock the flight path to where you need to go.
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    You can also cross the fallen tree log bridge that crosses the Widening Deep at the south end of Townlong Steppes. It's the place you helped the brew-panda kill the mantid elite.

    Bear to the left at the end of the bridge and you'll see a pandaren camp at the base of a big tree. There is a flight point and a breadcrumb quest here that will get you to the starting point for Dread Wastes.

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