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    What are you playing?

    Hello everyone.What are you playing guys?
    Share here.

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    Boderlands 2, MoP and GW2.

    Excited about SW:ToR going F2P so I can get back into it.

    Really looking forward to the new X-Com game as well.

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    I think you should ask a moderator to move this thread over to the Video Games Discussion? Not sure though. :P

    At the moment I'm playing only LoL, I haven't played a new game for a while now... D:
    Perfect Illusion

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    Yup belongs to video games discussion.

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    Just started WoW again due to MoP, LoL

    Im conflicted as to whether Borderlands 2 is worth the money...
    I didnt find GW2 very good and had my money refunded - that's what i call customer service!

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    Battlefield 3, damn good pvp right there.
    Good to mention that i quited WoW like a year ago due to pvp being stupid and ghostcrawler not fixing retarded shit... for exemple destro warlocks being underpowered in pve.
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    Old guild moved servers to raid on weekends only, so sounded like a decently cheap alternative to trying a new game every other week.

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    Borderlands 2, GW2, and Battlefield 3. Going to play MoP sometime next week after all the kids are done proving how great they are by jamming everything up.

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    kind of wondering how long this will last until it turns into a game vs game flame war :/

    OT: havent been playing much, just some skyrim checking out player created content, and a little D3 every once in a while

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    WoW, Borderlands 2, Team Fortress 2 and waiting for Dishonored.

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    This game called Real Life... =S

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    Borderlands 2 and MoP here. With a dash of online poker thrown in from time to time

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    RIFT has taken over my life, and I love it. Never thought I could this into an MMO again (after wow) - but god dam man there is so much to do in RIFT and it is very rewarding for a nice grind put in to accomplish something. I am 3 weeks into raiding HK and this game has only gotten better and better over the last 2 months.. and it has been a VERY VERY long time since I could say that about any game i played as they all seem to get worse over time.

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    Right now i only play MoP and very little of it, i simply dont have the time i used to anymore.
    On rare occations my cousin and i reac some havoc in SR3 aswell, thats always fun

    Thank you Shyama <3
    Everything's amazing but nobody's happy
    -Louis CK

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    GW2, Hawken Beta, World of Tanks, Team Fortress 2. I also have Batman: Arkham City and Dead Island that I intend to get back to but I haven't played them since I got GW2.

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    Currently I only play a bit of Mists since college started ^^
    My last little circulation of games though was Wow, GTA4, Amnesia, and TF2.
    I have men kneeling at my feet, asking for my hand in heroics. ~Raechelle, Ysera


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