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    i killed a 90 warrior with second wind as 88 hunter, was a challenge and a lot of kiting, but got there in the end. warrior wasnt very good either which helped.
    i dont think it really needs a nerf anytime soon, its only really overpowered in a 1v1 fight, which blizzard doesn't balance around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    I've killed 89 warriors with second wind as an 87 hunter. You're doing something very wrong.
    OP was a feral druid though, hunter is a bit easier because you can kite really easy and have a -25% healing debuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rerecros View Post
    secondskill is indeed the right word for it, they dont even have to do anything, passive healing should be gone
    just like feral druids pre 4th spec right? I mean that took no skill either? Bear form takes no damage but shells out damage nearly as well as cat?

    As for warriors being a "Mongo" class I feel a bit insulted. I have played a warrior since vanilla and I can say I have alot of abilities to utalize that can control a fight. Looking at the design of a warrior you can say its a mongo class at first glance but until you play it at endgame and learn to utalize all aspects of a warrior for the correct situations please do not insult the class.

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    As a shadow priest I had a 8 min duel against a warrior. I won in the end when both my shadow word: death critted. He was at 35% hp or below 90% of the fight. I was never below 60%, lol. I have to admit Second wind is crazily overpowered in duels . Saw a frost mage dueling a warrior. When the mage reached 2% hp the warrior just trolled around while never getting below 10%.
    But shadow priests are overpowered in general (in pvp). I think I'd rather be overpowered in general to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    Warriors have the lowest skillcap in this game. There, I said it. I didn't get raped by a Warrior. I'm just tired of people saying how much Rogues, Mages, DK's, Warlocks take no skill, when Warriors have been always a mongo class but have gotten away with it because they've had two bad seasons.
    While it is true that warriors have become simpler every expansion (which, to be honest and according to many of my friends who have played warriors since vanilla and been excellent at both PvP and PvE at points in time, is quite insulting and disheartening) I do not agree that they've always been a "mongo class" - properly stance dancing in TBC and to a certain extent in WotLK was very important (inb4 shadowmourne idiots keyboard turning didn't know how to play and still raped) and the difference between a good warrior and a bad/mediocre warrior was gigantic. The same can not be said for certain classes that now have a higher skill cap than warriors; warlocks, mages, rogues as you said. Still doesn't necessarily mean they've always been this easy, or that they're this easy now, there's no arena so the (apparent) skill caps don't really matter anyway.

    I honestly don't see warrior utility being stupidly over the top in a 3v3 environment (which, regardless of people liking it or not, is what it is/should mainly be balanced around), or arena in general really, I have friends who spammed wargames during most of the duration of beta and never really had a problem with it. In 1v1 though sure, but then again we've always had classes which were ridiculous in duels etc. like rogues, warlocks, mages and the likes. Can't really do much about it.

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    I have been playing a warrior since end of vanilla and I personally don't understand what is getting duller or easier.
    Making a macro to change stance+equip shield+cast spell reflect/shield wall is not a more advanced way compared to making a macro to only equpping a shield and casting sr/sw. In years, only thing that changed is the number of strokes we did on our macro keybinds. (change stance+intercept/intervene macros did not make us more skilled than today's warrior that can use those abilities in any stance.)
    Spell reflect, when used very often, could be overpowered at points but the people who were good enough to "abuse" that were very low on numbers. (meaning the more "casual" players that have a crushing lead over "hardcore" players in numbers, used that ability every now and then. Blizzard kept talking about casualizing the game and buffing mages because they were "bad" in high ratings, making the casuals to reach ratings they would not expect, whereas warriors get nerfed weirdly for something that isn't done commonly.)

    Warrior is in a good place right now compared to previous seasons. The changes that people claim to be making warriors "easier, duller, whatever" are needed adjustments to match the current state of wow/other classes. People need to realise that if we were, say, exactly the same as tbc, we would be few steps behind any class in spreading our damage around.

    Second wind is basically druid frenzied regeneration that is permanent but does not heal above 35%. It is great in any form of 1vs1 fight and overpered against people that still could not understand how it works. (getting confident in self and thinking the warrior would die in 1 or 2keystrokes and not caring much about what you do-because the warrior would die anyway- is a common mistake that original poster did aswell.)
    Also we are at start of mop so there is a small but existing fact that a 89lvl player can have more %based stats than a 90 with almost same gear.

    On a side note: The only players that whined over getting "raped" by keyboard turning/clicking shadowmourne dk/pala/warriors were keyboard turning/clicking/bad players without shadowmourne who thought they were any better.

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    Second wind is basically druid frenzied regeneration that is permanent but does not heal above 35%. [/QUOTE]

    Frenzied Regeneration requires a lot of rage to even heal 10% a druids health. It is not a passive skill and in no way can a bear deal the same damage as an arms warrior who has the protection of Defensive Stance and the passive regen for SW, while wielding a 2-handed weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodlyBob View Post
    It's incredibly overpowered for all warrior specs 1v1, more so for a prot warrior. I had a 15 minute fight with a hunter the other day just because I couldn't keep in contact with him and he couldn't take me down past second wind. As stupidly powerful as the talent is, last I heard blizzard wasn't going to nerf it, saying that it was only too strong in 1v1 and duels, which is something that they don't balance pvp around. On the plus side, I can level up all the way through pandaria without fear of getting ganked.
    Same "problem" on paladin. WoG - up to 75k crit heal usable every time you get 3 holy power. I fucking love it. Just stall em with self heals till the cooldowns are up. Mush the "HULK... SMASH!!" button and pound them down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadbees View Post
    It's kinda funny, i went into pvp and have around 48-50% res, i got frozen by a mage and next thing i knew. I was dead. All 343k hp gone... (i'm arms) I also have second wind. Still rolled over me like i was a piece of paper.

    But on the positive note. I had a 20 minute duel against a druid because we couldn't kill each other. Haha
    Fire mage here, I lied on a earlier post I was in a bg for 20 seconds and got flagged at teh end of 88

    but as I came out a 89 warrior decided to have a go,

    nuked him down to 40% ish before second wind pops up Freeze, Deep Freeze, Fireball, 40k crit, Ice lance 20k crit, Ice Lance 20k crit, (Deep freeze finish's at this point), Infero blast, 16k ish crit, which procs Pyroblast, minimal 37k none crit, up to 60k crit, but the warrior was long dead before I needed to use pyroblast,

    Yea, warriors aren't a problem for mages, but I put my hands up, if I was on my DK or Lock I'd probably die, and I think I'd be on par with my SP
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    25% defensive stance is way over top with no cooldown and little drawback. Add 2nd wind to that and you have OP survival.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    Reckfuls warrior was almost getting beat by a naked mage on his stream the other day.

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    Its funny to see that in Cata When warriors were getting kited and killed like a boss nobody gave a damn.
    And now that we have a strong ability people go QQing about it.

    I dont care i`ll go Wreaking havoc in pvp and i`ll love it.

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    The pre-WotLK Mind Flay animation. 2nd biggest reason for rolling a Priest, biggest obviously being Shadowform. Anyone who uses Glyph of Shadow should reroll Hunter, filthy blasphemers.

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    wait untill the warrior is at 35%, stun him and pop cd's... works every time.

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    Second Wind wont do much of an impact with 2 enemies nuking you.

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    Problem isn't second wind. Problem is 25% damage reduction in defensive stance and I fail to understand why it was ever upped from 15%.

    I think if they just reduced the cd and increased the damage reduction on DbtS and did a similar thing with shield wall they'd be able to reduce defensive stance damage reduction to 10% which would make a ton more sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Succath View Post
    Its funny to see that in Cata When warriors were getting kited and killed like a boss nobody gave a damn.
    And now that we have a strong ability people go QQing about it.

    I dont care i`ll go Wreaking havoc in pvp and i`ll love it.
    I've been playing a warrior since vanilla and ONLY a warrior. You need to realize that NO ONE likes this bs rollercoaster ride of class balance. And you should know that this current state of warriors will not continue for very long. All we can hope is that Blizzard doesn't nerf is too hard because they WILL nerf us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Problem isn't second wind. Problem is 25% damage reduction in defensive stance and I fail to understand why it was ever upped from 15%.
    It was buffed due to Warrior tanks taking too much damage in PvE encounters. Why they didn't account for PvP implications, I don't know.

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    25% dmg reduction in defensive should really be applicable to PvE encounters. At least makes it 10% max for PvP

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    Warriors are amongst the top. Thats what happened.

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    what has happened to warrior is: they got more mobility, more cc and their dmg is pretty good if not abit over the top. In my opinion i look on warriors as one of the strongest classes for arenas atm, possibly gonna be nerfed (the dmg) in the next patch, but i am not sure even though i think that would be fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodchargedWoW View Post
    Oh geez, Warlock complaining about Warrior self healing...the irony
    i have yet to see a lock selfhealing that much anymore affliction in it current state doesnt have the selfhealing it had in previous expansions havent played demo yet but only destro seems to have some sort of self healing but only if they have embers which is not that hard to make a destro lock have embers with proper train from warrior.

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    An actual L2P issue. Save burst CDs for below 35%. Victory!
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