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    Prospecting ghost iron...

    is it me or did they nerf the drop rate for blue gems while prospecting ghost iron ore? the first couple days i was getting 3-5 blues a stack, now im lucky to get 1 in 5 stacks....

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    I haven't really paid that much attention honestly. I've been making a killing DE'ing rings and necks for enchanting mats to be bothered with blue gems which have already tanked in price on my realm. Good thing there is a huge abundance of ore out in the world, I can't even quest without tripping over a node.

    I've just been doing the daily discovery with blues and thats about it. I'll pocket the rest until I can start using them for gear.

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    Well if ghost iron is supposed to be the first tier of ore, and trillium the second (I think), then ghost iron would have a lower chance of rare gems. It was the same thing with BC fel iron got less blues than adamantite, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marema View Post
    I've been making a killing DE'ing rings and necks for enchanting mats
    Can i ask which rings and necks you disenchant?

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    I make ornate bands and shadowfire necklaces. I DE the green ones and AH the blues as is since those sell for more then the DE'd product. I then take the spirit dust and turn those into mysterious essences and sell those. I don't really sell the spirit dusts since 5 of those sell for less then a mysterious essence and it takes 5 spirit dust to make 1 essence so you end up making a few extra gold. I don't turn the mysterious essences into blue gems since those sell for less then the 5 mysterious essences it takes to make it. At least on my realm the mysterious essences is the way to go for now.

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