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    Need Lorewalker pro feedback

    I've been seeing people flying on disk mounts and of course I want one too

    My current rep with Lorewalkers is 0/3000

    I 've found a guide where to click on "artifacts" or whatever they are called. But when I click I get like a mini achieve and I gain 0 rep.
    I was told in trade channel that I will get some type of books in mail from NPCS but I don't get anything and I've been doing it for 5 days now.

    Today I asked in my guild. I was told there are "fragments that shine on ground you need to pick those up" well I see no fragments when I click on the thing. Then I visited a video guide where the narrator doesn't talk about picking up anything off the ground either but says that at the end when you'll get the achieve you'll get exalted right away....it looks fishy because I have no indication what so ever that I am about to gain any reputation if any at all....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    You only get the rep once you visited all of the lore objects of one category. you will get like 3k per achievement, and an item which starts a quest will be mailed to you. you then can hand it in for even more rep (and a short story, if that's your thing)

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    At 90, it takes about an hour to hit exalted with the Lorewalkers if you use a guide on where the shrines are located. I guess that's kind of cheating but the guide was made for a reason.

    ...the stories are also pretty neat and the archaeology things are nice too!

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    Quicky and dirty guide to exalted:

    1. Download an addon called TomTom (I can't post links, Google it). It lets you add coordinates to your map and gives a nice arrow directing you to the locations.

    2. Get the coordinates of each artifact thing and add them to TomTom. Search for The Lorewalkers on wowhead and look in the comments for a post by Faowind. He has posted a list of macros - copy and paste them into the WoW macro interface and click them (you can do this one by one or create a whole load of macros and click them all). This will place every artifact on your map.

    3. Follow the arrow! Just fly to every location and find the artifacts. They usually have a blue glow.

    This took me under one hour with a flying mount.

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    Did the the video guide with the British chick narrating. I'd just alt-tab out to the video, pause it when she showed the map, and went to that location in game. Took me under an hour to get all of them.

    Again, once you click on each of the items in a category (like, is there are 6 Bug ones, 8 King ones, etc etc), you'll get the overall achievement and a scroll will show up in your mailbox. Use the scroll and accept the quest, and turn it in at the place in the Vale.

    A cool thing; once you complete sets and turn in the scrolls, those books you found will show up on the bookshelves. You can look at the individual book items again, and also replay the 5 minute Lore Speech thing.

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