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    5 mans are irrelevant as i've seen dk tanks doing like 75k on certain fights, don't bother using those numbers as a measuring stick. start here instead:

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    461 item level = 67k single target (on voodoo boss)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quario View Post
    I call shenanigans on most of these obscene numbers, now i've been playing wow for a long time, 90% warlock, and even though i may not have the best knowledge of warlocks i like to think i have some idea of what im doing, im at about 456 ilvl and the best i've done is around 46K dps, usually 38K - 40K.

    Now let's assume everyone who posted has FULL epic gear (which im sure they are not even close to having, but for the sake of the argument) some claim a 100% dps increase by the end of an encounter with about 10-20 ilvls above in gear.

    Is it just me not giving enough f***s about proper spell priority in rotations or did i just happen to fall into a hive of uber-hardcore-raiders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helheim View Post
    5 mans are irrelevant as i've seen dk tanks doing like 75k on certain fights, don't bother using those numbers as a measuring stick. start here instead:
    Destro's falling back behind both Affliction and Demonology. So Xelnath, would you reconsider that increased ember generation and lower Chaos Bolt cast time?

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    Here is: our longest Elegon attempt from last night, Still have no idea how destro/demo is stacking up in fights like this as we have no locks that are playing those specs.

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    Stoneguard isn't a 4 target fight. It's a sequence of 2-target pairings. Anyone who is damaging the other two separated lions is doing it wrong. Havoc at 25s is actually quite decent here.

    Also, the problem is not at the current gear level, which is essentially ilvl 463 + a few crafted epics. Inspection of simcraft's pre-raid values will show you that all 3 specs are quite close at that gear level. The problem (as it always seems to be) is that Destruction simply doesn't keep up as gear advances. Compare that pre-raid plot against the T14H plot and you see that Destruction falls as much as 10% behind within this tier..

    And this is both OBVIOUS and PREDICTABLE, given the mechanics of destruction. The core problem is that conflag has a fixed CD, but that it is responsible for influencing both the DPET and the DPM of a filler spell (incinerate) which is affected by haste. As gear levels go up, more and more incinerates will end up being cast without backdraft, thus damaging both the mana sustainability and DPET of the spec. In theory, this SHOULD be counterbalanced by the fact that you should be able to cast more and more Chaos Bolts as your gear improves with crit. But the balance between these two effects is off, as careful examination of the simcraft breakdowns will reveal.

    Ultimately, it may come down to the simple fact that the budget-weight for crit is inferior to the budget-weight for haste.

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    Take numbers without logs with a huge grain of salt. E-peen is like its flesh counterpart, people seem to exagerate or be imprecise (like saying they do 120K but that's only a peak under CDs).
    Look at world of logs results to get an idea of what is good dps on bosses (generally discard #1 outliers and try to at least reach the dps of like the 50th).

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    Does it really matter in heroics? Does it really matter when everyone is in different gear? Item level is also largely irrelevant, as I might have the same ilevel as another warlock and have a fuckton of crit to get rid of and they might be blessed with perfect itemisation. Yea you could say 'all things perfect' but what is right now? You are limited as it is with the gear that's available currently so it's hard to really compare. With 454 ilevel, I'm doing anywhere between 40 and 60k on dungeon bosses, but that varies so much.

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    AOE between 120 and 200k
    Single Target Full DF Bar short fight, 120k (Aka Heroics)

    Raid environment, 50-60k depending on duration and type of fight (61k Stone guard, 55k Feng/Garajal)

    arguably I could've gone a lot harder on Stone Guard but we were learning the fight still and it was kind of a cluster fuck.

    item level was 465 at the time, it's 470 now, so yeah. Demo spec
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    From the first week of the 6 boss of MV, as Destruction : ? / 62k / 71k / ? / 124k / 106k (no logs for 1st and 4th boss).

    We are 3 locks in our raid, each one playing a different spec (I am the Destro-guy), and we surprisingly almost always ended up all being in the top of the raid, making the other classes grunt a little
    Are you seeing the same thing in your raids ?

    The first results of the WoL rankings are kind of worrying for Destro (we couldn't see that coming, right ? ) since it seems to be the last Warlock spec on every boss, by a good margin (but most of the best players are probably playing Aff or Demo), and scale factors from Simcraft indicate that the gap is going to widen with better gear.

    Performance aside, I was surprised to eventually enjoy playing Destro in this raid. The late changes done to the spec really saved it (25 sec Havoc of course, RoF not needing Immo to generate embers, Shadowburn double-gain...), but it is still pretty boring on a single target fight (Feng...).
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    Not to be a prick, but didn't you say that Destruction would shine in the following cases? :
    -Needed burst in a 12 second gap (similar to tendons)
    -Fights with two targets appearing at the same time

    I'm quite out of date in terms of PvE, so I don't know what does Gara'jal include as mechanics.

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