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    Mop Herb Gathering addon wish list

    I wish to all that is holy in the universe for an addon that ignores Tea Leaf nodes. Someone, anyone! Please make an addon that ignores the plague of tea leafery while seeking out other more rare herbs!

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    Doesn't Gatherer allow you to filter nodes? Or is that just for ignoring the collection of nodes?

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    Doesn't gatherer keep track of where the nodes are rather than what they are? Golden lotus spawns can spawn from a tea leaf node and I dont want to ignore golden lotus.

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    I'd like something that scanned for golden lotus. Having to mouse over every single herb node "just in case" is making me tired.
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    Same questions here, I subscribe

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    Edit: Just read the post saying the Golden Lotus spawn from Green Tea nodes - in which case the below would be ineffective. I get an A for effort though, right? :P

    I suspect it's not possible to turn off Blizzard's gold blobs for individual herbs. I can't speak for Gatherer, but with Gathermate 2 (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gathermate2) you can switch on and off the individual herb node indicators as well as change the size/colour etc of them.

    So, turn off Green Tea Leaf, make the indicators for the other herb types larger and/or a new colour. Then when you see blobs on your minimap, if it has a large indicator around it you know it's a blob you want. If it has no indicator, you know it's Green Tea Leaf.

    Just an idea.

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