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    [FROST] Howling Blast Proc Dont Give RP?

    Hello In Cataclysm i remember proc howling blast is giving RP too. What is doing now why when we used proc we dont get any RP ? bug? or something

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    They said it was intended, no more Chill of the Grave, so no more rp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhobius View Post
    They said it was intended, no more Chill of the Grave, so no more rp.

    And this has been talked out to death Please just do a simple search next time.

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    To elaborate, the intent is that only abilities that consume Runes give Runic Power. Chill of the Grave increased the runic power generations of certain abilities. Since a Rime Proc Howling Blast proc would generally generate no Runic Power, Chill of the Grave would have still increased it's runic power generation (by 10, wasn't it?), so a Rime-powered Howling Blast would have generated 10 runic power. Since Chill of the Grave is gone, Rime procs are now generating its baseline 0 runic power.
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    Please search in the future. This was an intended change made quite a bit ago.

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