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    Rage / Complain / Suggestion @ crafted pvp gear

    IMO, Crafted pvp gear should be the BEST you can get, EXCEPT FOR Conquest gear.

    It is mind boggling to me that in one week blizzard managed to clip an entire market.

    REMOVE HONOR PVP GEAR !! Matt demand is too low as it is, having usable crafted (somewhat disposable) gear that refreshes every season is a GREAT way to dump matts and balance the market and keep gold moving.

    Its like being able to buy regular raid gear with justice points, honestly.

    Signed, Darcks

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    So you want ...

    Honor Gear > Crafted Gear > Conquest Gear


    Well, what would be the point AT ALL of Honor gear then? No one would bother to do BG's/World PvP to get honor, if the crafted stuff was better and they could just throw 3k (Current cost for a full set on my server, of any type) and move on to Conquest farming.

    Silly suggestion is silly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telila View Post
    Silly suggestion is silly
    ^ this.

    The gear is tiered in order of simplicity to obtain it. The point of the crafted gear is to give you that initial set of resil/power for pvp so you can grind BG's to get your honor gear.

    If you think the gear is not going to sell now that honor gear is out, that is just a riduclous mind set. That is like the people who claim Inscription is not profitable because people only buy glyphs once. People will always be levelling alts, and the crafted gear is always going to be the simplest way to jumpstart your alt into heroics and BG's. it will always sell.

    I was selling vicious gear for 700-1000g a piece all the way up to the final few days before MoP.

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    I fell ur pain OP, cuz I made a good chunk of gold from people buying crafted pvp gear as a way to either:

    1) a fresh 85 trying to bump up ilvl to get past tier 11/12 heroic dungeons, or
    2) trying to bump up ilvl to get to LFR.

    And I'm pretty sure Blizz has said something about lowering pvp ilvl to avoid these scenarios. As in before you could buy a 377ilvl gear which would be above the 372 lfr requirement, now you can only buy a 450 pvp ilvl gear which will not put u in lfr (363 min ilvl iirc).

    And now that JP's rep was removed, its even harder to sell. You will really sell mostly this to ppl trying to get some pvp gear (which was the original idea of it) and maybe a few ppl trying to fill in some spots to get into the heroics, not sure about this last one as most gear u get from normal dungeons is 450 anyways... I'm expecting a lot less profit during this tier.

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