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    Warlock leveling specc


    My friend who made a lock got a problem (new to wow) which is that he seems to do low dps. He's Demonology, he got a secondary specc, Prefferably a specc that is bursty and not building up dmg. and what glyph should he use? (if that would help) he is 56 btw. So the question is what specc should he use? is there a specific glyph that would help him? and obviously the rotation to that specc (could look it up myself if not given)
    the reason i made this new thread was because i wanted a new up to date responce.

    Cheers in advance

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    Demonology can AoE grind, but Destruction will do more damage more quickly. Correctly using Havoc and Shadowburn will give you endless Embers to level with while exploding things insanely fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banan163 View Post

    Prefferably a specc that is bursty and not building up dmg.
    If that is truely your friends desire than warlock is not the class for him. We don't do instant burst. We need time to set up our burst, by building up resources, but when we have done that we can do burst pretty well.

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