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    pennance bug

    im using glyph of pennance and getting dc`d everytime i use pennance whilst strafing and lot of other ppl i know are aswell, i dont have any problem while standing still and casting been this way since beta and getting very annoying just wondering if devs know about this bug, ps tried with no addons and still happens.

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    Have you reported it to Blizzard?

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    Hasn't Happened to me.. Many tanks would have died if I didnt have this glyph :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    Have you reported it to Blizzard?
    yes ive reported it

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    Wow and I thought it was just a server overload now I can put 1 and 1 together before I start raiding on Tuesday. I'll most likely remove that glyph as I'd rather be online then allowing people to die while I'm DC'd.

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    try deleting your cache folder, that usually fixes bugs like this

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    doesnt fix, deleted wtf and reinstalled game aswell still broke :/ have reported it 3 times now, 1 bug report 1 on wow forums and a in game ticket.

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    YES IM THE SAME.. i keep getting booted after i shadow word pain then penance while moving.. log back in to almost dead..

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