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    [H] <School Bus> Talnivarr 25m - Late night raiding guild recruiting

    School Bus is an almost 8 year old Late Night Raiding Guild on Talnivarr. We are a mature guild full of mates who get on well. The reason we raid late is because a lot of us have families, or a job or study hard. Which means we start raids pretty late too. Nonetheless we push for progress.

    21.00 - 00.00 Server Time every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (we might take a day off here and there depending on numbers and current content)
    some pvp ,alt raids and challenge modes during down time or rp if ur into that

    Check out our website for more details and to apply:

    Also room for a healer or 2 more specifically a monk, paladin or shaman

    1) We are a LATE NIGHT Raiding Guild. Nothing annoys us more than people who say "I need to go to sleep" or "This is too late for me" when we are on wipe nights. We raid late, if you can't don't bother applying. We generally keep going till around 00:00 past midnight (server time).

    2) We are a mature guild full of mates who get on well. The reason we raid late is because a lot of us have families, or a job or study hard. Which means we start raids pretty late too. Around 21.00pm server time. If this is too late for you, then it wont be worth your while applying either.

    3) If you play from an internet cafe in the middle of no where, ask yourself "Am I going to get disconnected before the raid ends?" If the answer to this is yes, then your a bit of a liability!

    4) We are a serious raiding guild, but we aren't truly hardcore. We expect very high standards from everyone who raids with us and because the time we have to raid each evening is short, we like making the most of it. This brings us to the fact that if you put effort into it you will be rewarded, just don't expect any privileges.

    5) If you are going to apply to us, don't just copy and paste an application from another guilds website and assume that will do. If you want us to put the time in to consider you for a trial, you can at the very least follow our own application template and put some effort into it.

    We expect from you:

    1. In depth knowledge of class / spec applying as.
    2. Decent gear / enchants / gems available to you.
    3. Previous Raiding experience of hardest content. (Heroics / hard mode achievements etc.)
    4. Ability to work as part of a team, put the guilds progress first.
    5. Able to sign up in advance or post AFK times in advance, and attend our raids.
    6. Willing to participate in raid meta achievements.
    7. Willing to sit out when asked due to player rotation / creating best possible raid to kill a progress boss.

    Maybe you are intrested to see in how we raid or do things , or some video's. These recordings and regular livestreams can be found at (Ventrilo chatter included)


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    still looking for peeps, don't be shy

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    to the top with you!

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    and up you go

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    The raiding times are starting 1 hour too early is that a problem? :P

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    well its very inconvenient to say the least.

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    still recruiting

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    still recruiting
    ow and BUMP

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    bump'd because 10 chars typing is so much work

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    to the top with you

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    still recruiting, most classes and roles be considered if you have what it takes

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    bumpage still looking for ppl to add to our team

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    Bump starting heroic progression , still looking for recruits to fill 25m ranks

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    go higher and higher, and do it now

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    Still recruiting to fill the last couple of spots before we can go back to 25s fulltime

    dps (any class who thinks he is up to it)
    couple of healers ( monks / priests preff )
    A solid tank (warrior/monk/druid)

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    bumping to the top

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    bumping to the top

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    still in need of a couple of ranged dps, healers and a dedicated tank

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    Still recruiting

    We are still in need of a couple dps, In particular a rogue, warrior, mage and warlock
    for our healer team we'd love to add another priest, monk and paladin to the rotation

    The step to 25s isnt just talk, but its reality now and the transition went smooth, bringing school bus to its deserved glory again.
    Want to be part of our raiding team and enjoy the game, check us out at

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    Bump, Recruiting dps who think they are up for the task ! Check us out if intrested

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