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    WW Trinkets

    I'm in possession of three trinkets:

    Windswept Pages
    Relic of Xuen (DMC)
    Bottle of Infinite Stars

    I'm not entirely sure which trinkets to use. Mainly, to choose between windswept and the bottle. I believe sim's BiS includes the bottle, but we should all know by now that sims + Monks (and many other classes) = wrong. I'm basically looking at raw agility and a priority stat proc on windswept vs. static mastery (terrible) and a high agility proc. Either way, I'm using relic of xuen.

    My Monk

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    Can't post on EJ, but I'd take what he says regarding trinkets with a grain of salt, considering he's finding two different "dps values" for Hawkmaster's Talon and Jade Bandit Figurine, which have the exact same stats/cooldown/uptime.

    Don't get me wrong though, I really appreciate the time, effort and initiative put into finding the trinkets BiS List. Some fixes/recalculations are required, but at this point any attempt at theorycraft for the Monk class is a step in the right direction. Keep at it !
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    I'd go Relic and Bottle, that agility proc is massive. The only way to really tell though is by testing yourself. Whether it be on the training dummy or actual in raid usage since there's only 1 fight (if your guild allows you) where you can just sit there and cycle through a rotation over and over again. (Gara'jal) Personally, I'm leaning towards on-use trinkets since the fights require so much movement and targeting switching ect. I got Jade Bandit Figurine and plan on using it + upgrading it to the heroic one depending on the other raids' fights. The other trinket I'd want seems to be the Darkmoon Card. Passive agility + massive agility proc, can't go wrong. We'll know in time, but for now I'd just swap trinkets and see which ones you like more or yield better results.

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