View Poll Results: Most exciting Mop class to you!

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  • Paladin

    3 2.61%
  • Hunter

    9 7.83%
  • Warrior

    7 6.09%
  • Monk

    29 25.22%
  • Shaman

    7 6.09%
  • Mage

    4 3.48%
  • Priest

    9 7.83%
  • Death knight

    10 8.70%
  • Rogue

    1 0.87%
  • Warlock

    26 22.61%
  • Druid

    10 8.70%
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    Most exciting class for you in Mists of Pandaria!

    Hello chaps!

    I'm struggling with deciding what to play as a main in Mists, and seeking aid from you guys I am wondering what you guys reckon is looking up to being the most exciting or interesting class in Mists TO YOU! It doesn't have to be your current main but simply the class that you cant wait to mess around with at level 90! I am very interested in how Warlocks are looking with the huge amount of changes the class has gone through. More importantly I would really like to hear WHY you feel the class is looking to be so exciting!

    I currently play a shaman/hunter however, for me, I think that paladin has a lot of interesting/positive changes and the clunky feel I found near the start of Cata seems to have diminished! So my personal vote goes to the Paladin, however what do you think?

    To summarize... Which class (from what we have seen) feels like the most interesting/exciting class in Mists of Pandaria TO YOU!

    Thanks for the responses!
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    Even though I'm sure it sounds stupid and everyone else will be rolling one but I really am enjoying the Monk. My main is a feral druid and what I loved about the class was the amount of abilities were used to a high skill cap. I loved that you had to micromanage to be a top feral druid but that has changed in MoP and I'm loving the Mistweaver Monk because it brings back the micromanagement and seems like it will be a high skill cap class. I love classes that use a lot of abilities on a regular basis otherwise I get bored quick, which is why I currently have an 85 of every class on live.

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    Would have to say for me its a tie between warlocks and monks. (voted locks tho)

    Locks are getting a lot of new fun stuff - perma wings, triple split shadow bolt, new pets making me actually WANT one now

    Monks for me i have always loved martial arts, plays not too different from a rogue which was my first ever raid toon, and that i can have one as a female pandaren is just pure win

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    Has always been exciting, always will be. Never played anything else.

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    Monk simply because it is the only completely fresh and new class I have never played before.

    However my main will continue to be my Paladin.

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    From what I have seen Monk kinda feels very rogue-like and from first viewing it really didn't appeal to myself that much! I'm trying to keep myself away from the beta to prevent myself from ruining all the new stuff. But how do the people who are deep in monk beta at the moment feeling? Does the class feel fresh and what spec feels the best currently? The most interesting spec for me was Brewmaster because the others felt just like a rogue and a generic healer! let me know if Im wrong!

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    My main has always been a mage but I tried a warlock on the beta and they are amazing now. I have an 85 lock on live and they are terrible compared to the new warlock imo. I mostly pvp and when I am on my lock Melee classes always seem to have a distinct advantage against me but that is over in MoP. The damage from aff and destro are also much better

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    Priest! After playing (live) Mage, Druid, Warlock, and then deciding that Hunter was my fave class out of dps, I gave my shot at healing. Wow what a difference! Having a whole party's life of the line is never boring, after the hand-holding leveling. Like every class, the slow introduction to abilities does make leveling comparatively easy and yes a little boring at times, by 85 the training wheels come off and healing becomes a challenging affair. Though I haven't played other healing classes, Priests having such a huge toolkit allows for a large variety of possible orders/combinations that you can use, and I rarely use one set rotation. Whether it's PVE or PVP, my hands are almost always a blur, and my heart always pounding.

    A fair bit of research is usually required to be a truly good priest.

    Best thing I found is that, if you are good, you develop quite the reputation for yourself. People end up wanting you to join them for just about every event. You are automatically desired in raids, and rbgs. I never felt needed as dps, so it's a pleasant change.

    In MOP we gain more CC (void tendrils yum!), more speed, and disc (which I play) now has its damaging-to-heal spells as baseline (one of which gives you wings). Having the option to heal via damage adds even more flavour to the class, and now that it's baseline we no longer have to sacrifice delicious talents to get there

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    Hunter by far.

    No more "dead zone".
    No more "predetermined spec" pets.
    Chucking birds at people.
    Chucking more animals at people.
    Silencing Shot as a BM Hunter.
    Actual useful talents (minus the last tier).

    And last but not least: FETCH! <3

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    I'm liking the Paladin changes, it feels a lot more fluid. I might go back to my Pally since Warriors seem to be getting the short end of the stick again.
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    Monk because it's new obviously.

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    Warrior. It has been and always will be my main. I can't envision myself enjoying any other class as much as it.

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    Going for monk obviously. Can't wait to try it out.

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    Monk of course they're new, and new is always good.

    Also I've been asking for Monks in WoW since Vanilla, add in that they can tank, and seem to have a fairly cool/slightly original method of doing so and I'm ssooo going to main one
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    Probably Monk. Would say DK as it's my main these days but honestly I'm not looking forward to some of the frost changes they've made.

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    My warlock
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    I'm pretty torn between continuing my shaman as my main or switching to monk. Only because I don't really like healing, so my monk can at least tank while my shaman pretty much just DPSes. But man, the class is so much better in MoP regardless of any number tuning or persisting issues.

    Warlocks seem good but I have gotten bored of "pure" classes since WotLK. However, their specs do feel pretty different now so I might be able to enjoy it with dual spec to change things up. I would have totally mained warlock if they kept demo tanking in the game and I still want them to tweak that glyph so it becomes a viable build.

    Tanking is by far my favorite role in WoW, even though I feel like MoP is screwing up warrior tanking (sad since that's my favorite current tank) and DK tanking (killing my desire to get my DK those last 4 levels to hit 85 on the live servers). The only thing that would make me like monk tanking even more is if they had some kind of awesome spell reflect ability that involved like, batting/deflecting the spell projectile back at the caster with your weapon tennis-style. That said, I like their combination of mitigation and avoidance in MoP beta and hope it carries over to live. Even Windwalker DPS is pretty fun, though I think it could still use some adjustments.

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    I'm deeply torn and can't decide. I've always played everything, have all classes at max level, and can never just pick one to focus on. My warrior is the class I've "done most" on, in terms of achievements etc., but I prefer playing a class that can heal. I abso-mo-lutely love priest healing, but I deeply hate shadow, so I find it hard to play a priest much outside raids. I love DK tanking in cataclysm, but I dislike the two dps specs. At the moment I'm looking at playing a paladin for MOP. Both ret and prot look quite good, but holy looks a bit boring to be honest. God damn them for not creating a perfect class for me!

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    Monk, in part because it's new. The bigger reason, however, is because they have a new playstyle unlike DK did.
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    warlocks, PVP ownage !

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