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    WTS Dead Man's Legacy

    I am wanting to sell a drop I just found. Hopefully it can sell quick. Please make an offer.

    Dead Man's Legacy (Unique Quiver):

    198 Dex
    105 Int
    194 Vit
    Increase attack speed by 17%
    Increase hatred regeneration by 1.32 per second (Demon Hunter Only)
    Critical hit chance increased by %10
    Reduces resource cost of cluster arrow by 4 hatred (Demon Hunter Only)


    Highest current bid is 20mill. Will leave this open for a little while to see what other offers I get.
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    Hello OP we don't allow selling threads here or any buying. The sister site of mmo which is Diablofans allows it however

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    We don't allow buying, selling, or trading through our site. Please use our sister site, www.diablofans.com

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