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    Vanilla: the freshness of the game
    BC: ZA bear run
    LK: dual spec
    Cata: Transmog, maybe
    MoP: too early to tell, but I'm having fun atm.
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    Burning Crusade - a new world, the exploration was really good
    Wrath of the Lich King - death knights, although at start they were a class that attracted idiots because of being overpowered, now it's better and they're a good class
    Cataclysm - transmog, always wanted to wear something nice but couldn't because of crappy look of some sets
    Mists of Pandaria - challenge modes, with the dillution of heroic modes, this is a good thing brought.

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    TBC: Quel'Danas
    WotLK: Ulduar
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Interaction with Lor'themar Theron in 5.1

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    TBC - Dungeons & Raids. They look dull today, yes, but at the time they were very nice mostly. A couple 5 mans in Serpentshrine Reservoir and one or two in the Netherstorm quickly got repetitive, but apart from those.

    WotLK - Zones. This includes everything that goes with zones; scenery, music, design of the land, architecture, landmarks, general feel, etc. Nothing has ever been as epic as arriving in the Howling Fjord for the first time by ship. I literally thought to myself: 'Oh my, it feels like home... a thousand years ago.' I'm Swedish, by the way.

    Cata - New starting experience. While I didn't particularly enjoy Cataclysm, there were a few things which stood out. Among those are the new starting experiences for our characters - a very welcome change which meant that you no longer facepalm and want to kill yourself for creating an alt.

    MoP - A different theme. This might sound vague or dull, but I really appreciate that Blizzard went in another direction with MoP and tried something new. It'll also mean that next expansion (which will be far more important in my eyes) will do some classic Light vs. Legion shit, which is essentially what Warcraft is and should be.
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    The Trophy System
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    TBC - Raiding in general
    WoTLK - Achievements
    Cata - Vash'ir
    MoP - too early to say

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    Bc - jc
    Wotlk - grizzly hills music
    Cata - those mobs that go 'woogaboogawoggilboogily'
    Panda - so much to do so little time

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    BC: heroic dungeons and 10 man raids, first step in making all talent trees/specs playable/viable/enjoyable
    WotLK: dual spec, LFD, all raids avaliable in 2 formats, music, storytelling and zone design
    Cata: LFR, transmogrifying, old world rewamp
    MoP: zone/world design, storytelling and immersion, music, challenge modes, account wide stuff, shitloads of stuff to do - probably more stuff to come, still too early to tell
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    TBC: the best state of PvP ever in WoW
    WotLK: improving a lot of TBC flaws while still retaining challenging (and in Ulduar and ICC cases, absolutely stunning) content.
    Cataclysm: I don't think anything is worth mentioning...
    MoP: I'm not playing anymore, so I can't say. I'd probably like Pandaren.

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    Classic: Raiding
    TBC: Arena
    WOTLK: Raiding
    Cataclysm: T11
    MOP: no idea for now.

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    Vanilla : No flying mounts
    Burning Crusade : No panda
    Wotlk : No panda
    Cataclysm : No panda
    MoP : Not vanilla

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    TBC: Flying mounts.
    WoLK: Ulduar
    Cataclysm: Revamped world
    MoP: Pandaria

    Could name several more for each of them, like Malygos, Isle of Quel'danas, Lich King fight, Worgens, AoE loot.

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    TBC: Flying in Outland(s) and my server's awesome community (still awesome now, but it was the perfect server to learn on)
    WotLK: First time I could do "real" raiding (apparently Kara doesn't count) and Ulduar
    Cata: The revamp of the old world was just amazing [if you haven't leveled a character in the new world, you missed most of Cata]
    MoP: Dungeon finder has been putting me in groups where 4-5 people are actually from my Realm [this I love and think should have happened from the start]

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    TBC - skipped it, now when i level through it on alts I hate it and just want to be done with it
    Wotlk - story,ICC
    Cata - 1-60 revamp
    MoP - like someone before said, a different theme, I like how it's more lighthearted, also zones, music and architecture are nice

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    MoP-Challenge Modes

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    Vanilla - Quests and profs (was messing with UO before, so difference was quite huge).
    TBC - Netherstorm! Awesome zone. Introduction of optional (!) daily zones. Solid PvE progression system.
    WotLK - Achievement system. Icecrown! LFD (it was decent on release due to community not being in state which it is in now).

    Can't mention anything good for Cata and MoP sorry.

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    Vanilla: Day long Alteracs with Wolfriders, Flightmasters and Elemental
    TBC: Raiding, best and most diverse raid content so far.
    Wotlk: Death Knight class and Ulduar
    Cataclysm: PVE in 4.0 before the "Nerf all and everything" kicked in.

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    TBC: Karazhan
    WotLK: Dual Spec
    Cata: Remade 1-60
    MoP: Jade Forest

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    - BC: Flying mounts (was tough choosing between this and Karazhan)
    - WotLK: LFD
    - Cata: Reforging
    - Mists: Questing (with account wide stuff coming in second)

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    Vanilla: Holy mother of god.
    TBC: Flying Mounts
    WotLK: Achievements
    Cata: Transmogrification
    MoP: Dunno yet.
    Troll's Life Mon.

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    BC : I wasn't there but, the ability to fly
    LK : ICC & DK
    Cata : Transmogging & LFR
    MoP : The insane power of BM Hunter & account wide mounts

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