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    Big Damage as BrM


    Doing H Scholo and I was on Rattlegore. Pulled the normal rotation Haze>KS>BoK>TPx3>Guard etc. Read all the guides and such. Now when I do this on my warrior its easy. I keep up bone shield and all the boss stuff. When I checked my logs after the 2nd time I died I was getting hit for 65k-171k, shuffle damage is about 7-10k per hit. I popped my dampen harm and any stacks of elusive brew and still kept dying. The whole run up until then was ok, but we dropped group after a few deaths. Only got him to about 50% with a healer I know can keep up. Please help.

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    Kite him, he gets more damage when his rusting stacks go higher.

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    Pop Tiger, happy laugh at getting absolut no damage for almost all the fight if you have good dps.
    And he is easily kiteable too yep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ergar View Post
    Kite him, he gets more damage when his rusting stacks go higher.
    Thanks. After I checked the spell of rusting blades or w/e its like 25% per hit and stacks, I think I saw it at like 12 stacks or something. When I did on my warrior I was in a guild group and the boss went down fast. This last group on the first boss the ice almost hit the wall before they downed him. Next time I'll kite cause I was doing good before that.
    Not that Im great or anything but that was especially bad

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    What's reeeeeally handy is when you have a nice fat string of good luck with Elusive Brew stacks, and his Rusting keeps falling off because he can't land a hit.

    Good times.

    But yeah, I usually pop Dampen Harm at 6 stacks then Roll away when it fades.
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