Thread: BM and MM pet's

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    BM and MM pet's

    hey guys
    considering stampede and marks and BM, i normaly play BM in arena ( only for cap ) and MM for bgs , if i use stampede as a BM i just use the copy glyph to get 5 of my spirit beast ( i got all of um but wasting 5 slots for basicly nothing is worthles) but , my other 4 pets are a spider , crab , mot , spirit beast and a scorpion so i basicly got every CC , but...if i cast stampede as MM , i only get 3 more pets right ? since i don't use the glyph as mm caus 5 spiders is basicly i want to roll with those 5.

    so my question is , if i cast stampede as a MM will my spirit beast come and can i use his heal ?

    can't logg in atm to check..
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