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    I'm in exactly the same spot. Vashj EU.. never seen a SINGLE living steel on our AH. Hell, only just 2 days ago did we finally get some leg and shoulder enchants. Low population realms suck. The answer shouldn't be "roll an alt" it should be Blizz should fix the stupid server population issues so we can actually purchase the stuff we need from other players.. you know.. seeing as this is a multiplayer game and everything.

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    I never understood why we can't go back to the Titansteel mechanic.

    Seemed to work fine, and there were no shortage of alchemists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    "Im an alchemist, I can't make flasks or pots nor transmutes without a gathering profession ONLY OBTAINABLE BY AH-PURCHASES. Buhuu Alchemy sucks."
    Okay the point being made is that Blacksmithing CANNOT make their items with ONLY mining.

    Alchemists however CAN make all their items with ONLY Herbalism.

    See now?

    The balance between needing a Gathering + Crafting profession has been snapped with a sickening crack for this one profession and to boot it's the most boring crafting profession of this expansion (I have all of them).
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    Breaking News: Living Steel can be bought at the AH. /thread

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    Nah, Inscription is Blizzard's pet proffession, not Alchemy.
    Have you seen the price of glyphs in the AH ? Those bastards are making a killing. Blizzard very likely implemented the the black market gold sink, for scribes.
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    JC's can mine nodes = free mats to cut gems(no metas but can make alot of profit from gems)

    I can NOT mine nodes unless I gimp myself and take up mining. As a raiding caster I get *ZIP* out of that profession. So to do anything with my Jewelcrafter I'm either totally dependent on someone selling me ores or I need an ALT to mine ores. On top of that all I can craft is blue 450 junk no one even gives a damn about. I miss the times were we could craft entry level epics like all the other profs. This time, I can't even craft myself a trinket. Woo what a fine jeweler I am...

    And don't even try to get me started regarding these stupid mounts.

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    Well its can be more worst like you will need 3 Spirits to create buckle
    Bs is the only one reason to have 5 alchemy characters on the realm otherwise i wont even level up a one

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    1) Jewelcrafters do not mine gems. Unless they have the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick and the mining profession as their second profession they have to prospect ore.
    2) I'm sure they left the limited mat as alchemy as it has the possibility of triggering a Transmute Master proc and getting more bars into the economy without being guaranteed.
    3) You obviously haven't looked at the rarity and prices of Golden Lotus to do gem transmutes and make flasks for Alchemy. I go into suicide herb-picking mode when I see one on my herbalism alts: Pop Army of the Dead, sick them on whatever is near, and pick the lotus before they all die.

    All that being said, I do agree that the buckle should not require living steel. Hell, not seeing a huge use of Trillium or Kyparite and have a ton of that. Sounds like a good mat combo for buckles instead of a 24-hour cooldown mat.
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    If I had it my way, every crafting profession would require things from every crafting profession :x

    That's how it should be

    Crafting as is, is shallow as hell.

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    Can someone link me the dev blog or twitter comments where they mentioned all production professions would be dependent on one other gathering profession?

    Oh wait, there is none. This whole thread is just some guy's mindspindle taking him for a ride and telling him all profs must be equal or otherwise it's 'broken'. It's not broken. It's working as intended. If you want your extra sockets, get BS. If you can live with having other buffs be provided to you from professions - get whatever production prof you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucplayer View Post
    I think some comments here just flame me because they don't want blizz to change anything so they can make a gazzilion profit with alch still!
    Yeah, that 1k transmute once per day will get you to gold cap within week or something. You'd be making a lot better profit with just about any other profession.

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    kinda stupid indeed. i had a blacksmith mining pally hit 85 in cata and all i needed to make buckles was pyrite elementium and some other shit. lol. now if i want to make mop buckles i need to lvl up alchemy on one of my alts.

    as if mining/bsing isnt good enough already.

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    You can't compare BS with tailoring, which in my eyes is and has always been the clearly most independent and superior crafting profession.

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    The mats for the buckle does suck when you compare it to the last 2. The one good thing for BS in the long run is this will or should be a money maker for all of the expansion. Belt buckles were down to 10g on my server towards the end of Cata I don't even know why ppl kept making them.
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    Alchemy is end all be all prof this expansion. It has so much benefits over other profs, it is just stupid. I have all profs among my alts, alchemy was easiest to level up, it saves a lot of gold due to longer flasks duration (Golden Lotus is extremely rare) and it allows to make a lot of gold due to this very demanded Living Steel cd (and profit is multiplied by jc alt due to rare gems and meta x-mutes).

    Oh and did I mention yet, that mining is not viable without Alchemy too? It is easier to get 50 Ghost Iron bars for x-muting into Trillium Bar than to actually find Black and White Trillium ore veins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDurionX View Post
    Breaking News: Living Steel can be bought at the AH. /thread
    You're totally missing the point here. A blacksmith with mining as his secondary primary profession SHOULD NOT NEED TO DEPEND ON A THIRD PROFESSION FOR MATS. I don't mind grinding up my materials, but when I have to turn around and use an alt or pay someone to turn the items I spent my time farming into usable materials for my primary profession, that's absolute Bullshizzizzle. Debating on whether I should just say "screw blacksmithing, I'm going enchanter" myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddytee View Post
    A blacksmith with mining as his secondary primary profession SHOULD NOT NEED TO DEPEND ON A THIRD PROFESSION FOR MATS.
    Why is that?
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    What is this minning you're talking about? Minnie mouse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddytee View Post
    You're totally missing the point here. A blacksmith with mining as his secondary primary profession SHOULD NOT NEED TO DEPEND ON A THIRD PROFESSION FOR MATS. Debating on whether I should just say "screw blacksmithing, I'm going enchanter" myself.
    If it makes you feel better Engineering requires Living steels as well, just not for any item you're going to sell a lot.

    I have 3 alchemists 2 Xmute spec) and I agree with the OP, that something like the belt buckle shouldn't be tied to alchemy. Of course, Buckles are going to sell, because they are pretty much a requirement for everyone. And so you can't let miner\BS control that market, like a miner\JC can control theirs. So you have to give alchemist something to make them worthwhile.

    I agree that it would make more sense to tie the living steel into miners, like we did with titansteels. Of course, that means I could have 3 different daily cooldowns. So maybe this model is better for the hardcore.

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    Are you people trolling or do you really just not get it? Allow me to paint you a picture.

    Characters in wow can pick up 2 primary professions. Crafting professions require raw materials in order to create items.

    Cloth -> dropped from humanoids
    Leather -> skinned from beasts via skinning
    Herbs -> gathered via herbalism
    Ore -> gathered via mining

    Tailors have an advantage in that they have a free profession slot since they can feed their crafting by just killing stuff.
    Leatherworkers generally pair with skinning if they want to gather their own raw mats
    Alchemists and Scribes feed their profs with Herbalism
    Blacksmiths, Engineers, and Jewelcrafters craft stuff by using ore which is mined, or using bars which are smelted with mining.

    Tailors have a 1/day craft to make Imperial silk. 40 cloth (loot)-> 8 Bolts of cloth (tailoring)-> 1 Imperial silk.
    Leatherworkers have a 1/day craft to make Magnificent hides. 50 exotic leather (skinning)-> 1 Magnificent hide
    Blacksmiths have to look for an alchemist to make Living Steel. 12 black and 12 white trillium ore (mining) -> 6 bars of trillium (mining) -> Living Steel transmute (Alchemy???)

    Why is it that Blacksmiths (also Engineers and Jewelcrafters) can't feed their crafting profession with the paired gathering profession (mining), but instead have to depend on a second character in order to be self sufficient?

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