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    Shaman or Priest?

    I'm about to start levelling with 3x xp together with a friend of mine.
    I want to play a healer endgame but am torn between a shaman and priest.
    I never played any of the classes, but for now I seem to prefer shaman.
    However, I've been reading that shamans are not that good in 10m healing at the moment and disc priest is really strong.
    So my question is, since it has been a while since I have been raiding, how well are priests (Disc or holy??) and shaman healers compared to each other in 10m healing?

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    Against the rules sorry.

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    Yeah, sorry dude, we can't help you choose a class for you since it's so subjective. You'll have to try them both and figure out for yourself.

    Check out the individual class forums or raid parse rankings if you want more info on their current performance. (they are both doing well)
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