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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Requires 25 people to get an all-guild group. The vast majority of guilds don't raid in 25 man format. 90+% of guild boss kills on wowprogress are in 10 man raids. Low end guilds for which LFR would be the appropriate tuning, in particular, tend not to be large.
    10 of our raiders queued up for the HoF LFR's on Wednesday. I gave an explanation for each fight that was only as long as the macro box would allow me( 255 characters)

    We 1 shot every boss in there and hopefully taught a few people how to do the fight. The more guilds that do this and don't automatically start complaining "Go look up the fights" or "why do you guys suck so bad" the better off LFR will be.

    In LFR you don't have to be doing the fight correctly. You just have to be on the same page.

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    shado pan is shit imo.. theres nothing really at exalted just a mount so im going to stop at revered.. auguest celestiels isnt bad at exalted but... each day nets you around 1200 rep max.. at that rate you'll be questing for 40 days from 0-exalted. nearly

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    I only really hate the Niuzao and the Jade Temple quests from August Celestials. Chi-Ji is doable, and the Xuen one is actually fun. Too bad it's always Niuzao on my server.

    My only complain about August Celestials is that is takes a stone age and more on top of that trying to hit exalted with the idiots. I'm doing it for the Alani mount currently, but it already feels like it's taking ages going from Honored to Revered, I can't even comprehend how long time it'll take to go from Revered to Exalted. I don't really understand why I can't ride the Thunderous Ruby Cloud Serpent without being exalted with the August Celestials, the mount doesn't have anything to do with them. I understand why they don't want to sell me the Bronze version of it unless I've done a lot to get it, but why do they stop me from mounting a mount I got myself?

    Of course it's my own choice, and I accept having to do it, but it just seems like a tad too much time to invest. I could understand it if they gave you some kind of amazing gear to progress, but the gear is like any other reputation gear, so if you aren't a rare mount collector like me, what's the point?

    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    LFR fails because there is no quality control. Manually formed raids with a consistent raid group largely avoids the galloping fail that is LFR.
    LFR and pugging in Wrath is extremely similar. Only difference was that in Wrath people were bigger idiots, the start of Cata gave slackers a kick in the nuts, so the playerbase have woken up a bit. The worst thing that could ever happen in WoW was making it far in a raid, wipe once, and the whole fucking group leaves. I gotta admit, LFR was a monster in Cata, but it works waaay better here in MoP with the new loot system. While Dragon Soul and LFR was the worst possible combination, I'm having a more enjoyable time doing LFR MSV and HoF than I did pugging ToC and ICC, because they were so damn dissapointing. No challenge whatsoever, even on heroic ICC was a piece of cake, except for Putricide and Lich King. That's another problem that, sorry for picking too hard on this raid but, ICC had, it was so damn unbalanced. Normal Lich King was harder than any other heroic encounter except for Heroic Lich King. Anyways, I'm sidetracking.

    Point is, to me, LFR in MoP is way better than easy smeashy Wotlk, because you know there's a challenge somewhere in the game. In Wotlk there wasn't a challenge once Ulduar was outdated by ToC. The only challenge that Wotlk offered once it hit patch 3.2 was doing raid achievements, and to people like me, challenge is what makes a game. The feeling of satisfaction wasn't included in Wotlk. Right now they have the best of three worlds: Easy LFR, decently hard Normals, and very hard Heroics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miothan View Post
    That is not what my post is aimed at, my post is aimed at the poor rep per quest, and the way that the quests are laid out, they are just a copy/paste of the other daily quests, now that wouldent bother me really, if it wasnt for all of the quest objective items you have to loot everywhere, in itself that isnt bad either, but when there are 30-50 players all competing for every single respawn, and players actually sitting on every spawn spot to get it first...then i complain.

    As i said in my previous post, i wouldent complain if i could get the quests done, but at this moment in WoW whenever i do the daily quests i have to compete for every single quest item/mob for well over 45 minutes. I want you to understand that the part that makes me complain and get upset with dailys is that i have to sitt around doing 0 and wait for quest items to respawn and its not just 5-10 minutes of waiting, its sometimes up to 20-30 minutes to get all of the quest items, and im not the only player doing that, there are always other players just waiting to nabb that quest item before anyone else, that is not acceptable for me.

    I have been playing ever since Beta, and never have any daily quest zone been like this. And i did daily quests ever since they were available in TBC.
    Really, Klaxxi and Golden Lotus are the only factions with poor rep per quests. The other factions all give less quests per day than GL/Klaxxi, but at more rep per quest, and their reputation bars fill out fairly quickly as a result. Especially Shado Pan as you can get nearly honored with them through Kun-lai and Townlong steppes quests even before hitting 90. (If human, you CAN hit honored.)

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    best rep grind ever...... im not subbed atm, but im tellin ya that this has nothing on the brood

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    sure it was not required, but it helped ya get an awesome quest line

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