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    Spirit Flask/Food?

    Hey guys, quick question here. I'm a 470 Disc priest progressing on Elegon, and I want to improve my heals.

    My stats are: 10,148 spirit, 11,990 intellect, 38.38% mastery, 3.38% haste, 4.15% crit.

    For some of you guys who are in sort of the same ballpark spirit range, are you guys flasking/fooding for spirit or intellect? Also, are you using Inner Will or Inner Fire? Right now I'm using Inner Will.

    Thanks a million!
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    I take it you mean 470, try using inner fire for a ton of extra spell power.

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    You should try using int food/flask and see what it does for you. Spirit is best to get from gear since you can get it at the cost of 2 to 1 to int. With food/flask however it is 1 to 1. Go with the int and raise your through put.
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    I'm not quite sure how you can have issues on the fight with those stats.. i only have about close to 9000 spirit buffed atm as holy, and i ranked 14 when we killed it (now rank 29) with 55217 effective his..

    I think you might want to look at your spell choices rather than your stats.

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    Here's what I'm generally doing. Phase 1 I keep PW shields on the tanks and atonement spam until the add comes. When the add comes I'll blow power infusion and start stacking up Spirit Shell on the raid. Once the add is about to die I'll take off spirit shell and pop archangel, cast Cascade and PoM, then spam PoH to get everyone back to full. Rinse and repeat, but next time when the add comes I'll just stack up Divine Aegis and use Barrier.

    Phase 2 I generally pop archangel/power infusion and PoH spam (with a cascade) to keep people up during a set of orbs, or I'll stack spirit shell on people (if it's up). Binding heal also gets used a lot.

    Phase 3 usually doesn't require that much healing.

    Is this along the lines of what you guys are doing?

    P.S. Healing isn't really what is keeping is from killing this fight — it's very low DPS from pugs. Still though, our Holy Pally is beating me by a huge margin and I want to bump my numbers up a bit.
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    One mistake I made a lot with discipline was in Cata your main Goto heal was greater heal because of the way Inner focus functioned. However atm we have atonement healing. If there isn't massive damage and you have some time to heal people up, make use of this. It has done wonders to my mana regen. (Main reason why I haven't touched Solace).
    As I got more used to fights I managed to keep my mana at decent levels and still maintain 40-50k hps overall in 10 mans. Which is fine and on par with the other healers when our raid don't mess up. We can burst a bit but then it basically kicks our mana right in the testis.
    I am not quite at Elegon yet and am unaware of the tacts. I hope that helped. I have about 8.1k spirit buffed

    Edit : What Saladface said above me sounds pretty solid, I will actually bare that in mind when I get to him

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