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    [A - Hellscream - US] <Gravity> LFM!!!

    ***Recruitment is currently open to all classes and specs at this time. Please submit an application if you're interested.***

    Guild Name: Gravity
    Realm: Hellscream (PvE)
    Faction: Alliance
    Server Timezone: CST
    Progression: 6/7 H Firelands, 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
    Guild Master: Seiton (Sayomi)
    Officers: Henklin, Slitch 
    Website: http://gravityguild.enjin.com/about
    <Gravity> is a 10-man raiding guild on Hellscream formed by a small group of players from a diverse background with two things in common: The desire and ability to be a top end raiding guild.

    Some of us have been raiding end-game content since the original Naxxramas 40-man instance. All of our players have consistently proven to be among the best at what they do, evidenced by their knowledge of their classes and roles, their performance in raids, and their being ranked among the top healers and damage doers in combat log rankings.

    Unlike several of the other 10-man guilds, we run a single 10-man group. We do not have plans to start a second group.

    Dragon Soul                 8/8 Normal     6/8 Heroic     TBD
    Firelands                   7/7 Normal     6/7 Heroic     TBD
    Recruiting Status
    All exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of class or spec.

    ***Recruitment is currently open to all classes and specs at this time. Please submit an application if you're interested.***

    Raid Times
    All times are CST, which is also Hellscream server time.
    [ul][li]Raid times are currently under consideration at this time.[/li][/ul]
    <Gravity> will raid two to three nights a week during progression and, in rare circumstances, may raid later than the listed times or add an additional day of raiding. The guild will raid significantly less hours during farm content.

    Keeping the nature of 10-man fights in mind, do not apply if:
    You do not have the motivation to properly enchant your gear, even if it is for an offspec. If your offspec has any chance whatsoever to be used on a progression fight in our raid, you must be gemmed, enchanted, well fed, and flasked as if it were your main spec. You are just wasting your time and ours if you do not comply.

    My Real-ID is [email protected], add me if you'd like to get in touch.

    Visit our site at http://gravityguild.enjin.com/about
    Email us at [email protected]
    Speak to Seiton (Sayomi) or Slitch in game

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    Recruitment is stll open.

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    Still looking for more members.

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