View Poll Results: Which franchise would you enjoy playing as an MMO

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  • The Elder Scrolls

    17 15.60%
  • Mass Effect

    19 17.43%
  • Fallout

    18 16.51%
  • Starcraft

    27 24.77%
  • Diablo

    7 6.42%
  • Assassin's Creed

    5 4.59%
  • Grand Theft Auto

    12 11.01%
  • Call of Duty

    4 3.67%
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    The only MMO's that I'd like to see are Warhammer 40K and maybe one based on David Brabens Elite / Frontier / Frontier: First Encounters trilogy.

    The fantasy mmo genre has been done to death now, its time for some sci fi based content.

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    I dont know any if done right could have the potenial to be awesome
    in reality guild wars and wow have basically zero story i would be more gameplay mechanics to be worked out
    id love to see a decent compnay try thier hand at a Game of thrones which wasnt browser based and pure shit like the other titles
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    I'd love to roll a Turian. Total man-crush on Garrus, and subsequent fascination with the species, ever since the first ME. I think the combat would have to be similar to the single-player games and what they've done with multi-player. I imagine turn-based combat would suck ass.

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    None tbh. Not everything needs to be MMO-ified. Actually, I'd prefer every one of those games to not a an MMO, including TES.

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    the only game series i feel could make a decent mmo is pokemon
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    None of the above. My heart is set on a Pokemon MMO.

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    I wouldn't mind if there was an Alien vs. Predator/Alien/Predator MMO, but I don't see how it would work to be honest, but it would be nice.
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    Picked Starcraft though I don't know how the hell anyone would be able to pull it off.

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    None of those.

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    Diablo or Fallout.

    But not Fallout if it's like FO3/NV. More like like 3rd person camera like World of Warcraft or Tor. Just in the FO uni. Diablo MMO done in the action combat style of Guild Wars & Tera... I would play forever.

    This is funny because I was just talking about how amazingly Path of Exile could be spun into an MMO without breaking many of the existing mechanics. Probably the best ARPG ever made to be honest, and it's not even at full release. The gameplay is superb.

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    Shadowrun or Dune. I know they aren't part of the choice in the poll, but none of those appeal to me as an mmo.

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    I dunno, I'd have a hard time having faith in it after SWTOR, but a Mass Effect MMO would tempt me something fierce.
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    None of the above.

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    Those are all terrible choices. I want this:

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    Mass Effect has potential, but so did Swotor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilian View Post
    There is loads and loads of info on ES Online so that's a moot point.

    Anyhow, none of them. The MMO scene is already filled twice over.
    This. Seriously, must EVERYTHING get turned into an MMO? While many of those in the poll I can actually see becoming MMOs, it would seriously make me cringe and would probably be the nail in the coffin for most of those.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Those are all terrible choices. I want this: much, yes. I've been rallying forever to get them to release that stateside >< I've tried playing it, I know a fair bit of japanese (at least enough to get by with 'I'm shy and I really don't like talking to people') and I still end up getting banned for being from the US lol. I've settled with playing MHFU with a few friends, but it's just not the same. I want Frontier!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    Shadowrun or Dune. I know they aren't part of the choice in the poll, but none of those appeal to me as an mmo.
    Oh man. Dune MMO would be absolutely mind blowingly awesome if it were done right. The problem is that the amount of time it would take to do it right, and the amount of skill and attention to detail would be beyond what is humanly possible/feasible : /

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    That was very, very, VERY shortsighted of the OP to not put NONE OF THE ABOVE option in the poll.
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    elder scrolls, but only if it played like elder scrolls (specifically skyrim).

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    I don't agree with what been said
    - there is enough MMO
    - terrible choice for an MMO universe

    The basic principle of an MMO is a persitant world and progression of character. The draw of an MMO is both the social aspect and the fact that every little thing i do to improve my character power or experience is never lost and carry over the years. Imagine you create a criminal in GTA, join a gang and adventure through liberty city, then when a los santos expension comes around, you just take your favorite character you spend days of /player to improve and carry through that content.

    An MMO main asset is of course gameplay, it needs to be perfectly ironed out, polished, fun... But the universe is very important too. Yes guild wars and rift are very good mmo, but the universe are for most players unknown. Now, a GTA or a Starcraft universe, that really talks to players. Dare i said warcraft started out as a RTS and SWTOR as a single player RPG. Why would a call of duty MMO would be so idiotic, MMOFPS is an underexploited genre, planetside 2 is a good example of it.

    From the results of the voting, among the top 4, only elder scrolls represents heroic fantasy universe, the top 2 are Sci Fi universe (starcraft and mass effect) and "3rd is post apocalyptic near future. As i said earlier, people tired roaming azeroth for the past eight years, there are looking for something new and fresh. Diablo, a universe similar to WoW didn't collect much votes.

    There are other choice for MMO that i didn't think of offering
    - Wing commander (again a sci fi choice)
    - pokemon (wonder that that would be, seems a bit childish to be mainstream)
    - Command and Conquer (join the GDI or the NOD)
    - borderlands

    I believe, new mmo to comme need to adopt the GW2 model, buy the box, play, buy new content you want.
    If anything, MMO need to offer great single player experience, the level of a deus ex human revolution or batman arkham city but offer a continuity in the world, the story and the development of your characters.

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