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    LF Support for Ranked Duo Queue on EUW

    So essentially, I'm pretty fed up with the random play normal games come with.

    I've been in the 1950 elo range in the early stages of season 2, playing mostly Graves-Taric with some mid and jungle roles here and there.

    My account was hacked, don't know why anyone would want to hack a free game's account, and my elo got reset due to account having mallisious software of some sort. Reached an easy close to 1700 solo queueing near the end of season 2.

    Now, I'm looking for a new duo queue partner, mainly for support purposes. Games will mostly be played as Graves-Taric when available, since winning lane as blue side is pretty tough and all. Considering players with at least the 1700 mark I reached solo queueing.

    What I'm looking for in you as a Support:

    * You have knowledge of Graves-Taric's burst potential pre and post level 6.
    * You have an okay idea of what bot lane combo's we stomp/do well/do bad against.
    * You know have to have presence in the lane as a melee support, when there's zoning potential
    * And finally, you buy wards for obvious purposes

    This comes with the other general skills like map awareness and what not that I expect you to have regardless of the role you will play.

    If you're interested in duo queueing in a classy and bursty way, then feel free to contact me ingame: Shereaqt on EUW

    PS: If this is the wrong thread to post in, feel free to relocate this post.

    On a sidenote, for those of you that might be interested in this, I've played WoW on a high PVE-lvl for a year or two. Hence the signature.

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    since winning lane as blue side is pretty tough and all.

    Regardless, I might be interested.

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    There is a recruitment thread sticky. Closed.


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