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    DLC comics haven't gone anywhere, they just haven't been linked to on front page for a while. Still available every Sunday/Monday(depending on your timezone) at

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    Golden Lotus are indeed too rare. I farmed around 1500 herbs the last few days and only got 10 of them. That's 10 flasks, not that much when you raid 9 hours or more a week.

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    No tanking ring even though this event is made again and again.. cmon bliz..

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    Ghostcrawler also tweeted today they're open to letting people choose to keep their old player models for the player model update.

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    The sword and the helm drops from the boss AND Loot-Filled Pumpkin or it only drops from Loot-Filled Pumpkin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liliannan View Post
    Major Nanners is one spot where if you die, you either need to find someone (who is able to access him due to phasing) to res you OR spirit res. I found this out the hard way

    I believe he actually is the main reason for the complaints. In combination with the 1.2million HP mobs around him, he is clearly one of the most deadly rares in MoP.

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    Sword 470ilvl 274agi / Weapons 463ilvl 385agi

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    "There are new achievements for visiting the Pandaria Candy Buckets (Alliance / Horde). This year also brings some updated epic loot!"

    When hovering over the horde link the tooltip says "Tricks and Treat of Pandaria. Visit the candy buckets of Kalimdor."

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    Am I the only one that thinks the problem with dying has nothing to do with no flight, but the fact that it spawns you at a grave yard no where near where you died? Every time I have died and had an issue with getting back to my body, there has always been a grave yard right in the area where I died that it chose to not send me to and instead sent me several GY's away from where I died. If it sends people to the right place then there is no need for flying. Although moving quicker with flight anytime is nice.

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    As a plate tank with the mount, I have no reason to kill the Headless Horseman. Thanks Blizz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raggoo View Post
    Why no Axe or Mace, Shaman getting screwed again!
    Great to see they have lots of time for this and not sorting PVP out "sigh"
    You don't actually believe this, do you? You're saying because the itemization on a seasonal mob isn't up to your liking that this is why they haven't balanced something as complicated as PvP at the beginning on an expansion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fazo View Post
    As a plate tank with the mount, I have no reason to kill the Headless Horseman. Thanks Blizz!
    I'm one of those people who generally doesn't care much about mounts and being a plate tank I also have no reason to run this. Longer wait times for everyone else I guess!

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    Really wish the horseman helm and sword were bind to account, I have won the helm twice now, once on my shaman and once on my mage and it's just good for vendor trash.

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    "That makes the system just seem broken, when it's only a couple items that are essentially 'bugged'. We of course want to get to those bugs as quickly as possible."

    A couple of items? My 90 paladin can roll need on every leather and mail piece that drops in LFD and my 90 monk can roll need on every armor piece that drops period. They also can roll need on range weapons and other weapons they can't even equip. The system is broken, stop trying to make it seem less so.

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    Come on...blizzard add a tanking ring. Whats my incentive to queue for horseman.... Guess I will gear my offspec and make a plate dps cry.

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    You could say there is no Spellcaster dps ring cuz it haz so low drop chance maybe done this 50 times now. insanely frustrating

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    Your rng =/= no caster ring. Having no tanking ring available and your luck are not comparable.

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    I'm a little surprised people are complaining about golden lotus. Spirits of Harmony vendor sells three per spirit. I haven't had the slightest problem with this. Without farming, just doing dailies, I'm sitting on about 30 spirits of harmony on my main. I figured the world spawns were supposed to be rare, especially given the buff you get when you farm them. Mix in the ability to farm spirits with Tillers, I figured the lotus situation was either balanced or even a little too easy.

    Ah well, different strokes.

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    First time in ages the horseman sword can actually be used by something else than a rogue. However the drop in agility makes makes me wonder if it's even an upgrade for my monk over heroic weapons.

    Funny how people are surprised at the loot.. it's the same freaking loot for like the last 5 years, not like it's a surprise.

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