View Poll Results: what is the best expansion in your opinion!

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  • the burning crusade

    253 27.71%
  • the wrath of the lich king

    264 28.92%
  • cataclysm

    33 3.61%
  • mist of pandaria

    320 35.05%
  • good old vanilla

    43 4.71%
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    it's been beaten like a dead horse, but burning crusade was just fucking phenomenal.

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    I voted WotLK because I really enjoyed following the path of Arthas and the story line of the Aspects. But MoP is coming in a very, very close second.

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    I honestly prefer Mists to Cata or WotLK, but I was too much of a noob in BC or Vanilla to say one way or the other on them.

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    Still gotta go for TBC...back when a rogue was a rogue, a tank was a tank, and all they hybrid classes were bad. The good old days.

    I'm not going to declare my undying love for mists until I've played more of it. It's a contender for first if Blizz would only fix their broken pvp. They keep hinting at some "pvp blog post" coming up that hopefully addresses it, but I have a bad feeling it's GC is going to say something like "hey, yea guys I'm gunna level with you, I don't give a shit about pvp and we're going to stop balancing it kthnxbye."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon View Post
    I get it. Bolvar's all fiery and shit, which melts the Frozen Throne creating steam that condenses into Mist. The expansion revolves around battling Scourge in dense fog.
    All the while trying to stop the Cataclysm and having massive pet battles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidheKnight View Post
    Mists of the Burning King
    King of the Burning Mists?

    But yeah, TBC was best overall.

    WotLK had its moments with Ulduar and even tho the
    PvP was kinda bursty it was surprisingly enjoyable.

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    Started playing in late BC Mists is by far the best xpac imho.

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    People vote MOP because it feels new and fresh. But let's wait and see how it looks like a couple of content patches later. Cataclysm had a great start but plummeted quickly with the Dragon Soul.

    I myself prefer Wrath of the Lich King. I loved all of it. The lands, the music, the raids, the scourge, death knights. The Lich King was the best villain ever. Deathwing was nothing compared to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    cata for sure.
    You! EEVEE! You raised my hopes, and then destroyed them utterly. I captured three of your kind in castelia park, intending to obtain a powerful grass, ice and psychic type pokemon to take on the elite 4, only to realise I had levelled my eevee passed the point of learning psybeam with espeon (leaving me with nothing but future sight), and couldn't even get leafeon or glaceon until the post-game. I will KILL you and your kin, your species will become extinct by my hand! DON'T YOU SMILE AT ME, I WILL RESIST YOUR CHARMS.

    Also, it's good old vanilla, the only real answer to that poll.
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    Vanilla or MoP imo. TBC also had it's moments.

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    Started in vanilla. WOTLK was the best one. Had the best feel, even if they did make arthas into a chump that gets bested at every single turn

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    Played since release, have to vote Wraith, loved the questing/leveling, Ulduar was my favorite raid. The hard mode style was amazing, the fights were tough, and I had the time to dedicate for hard mode raiding.
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    Started in closed beta for Vanilla, voted for Cata since it gave the game something it really needed - a 1-60 revamp.

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    I started late BC.

    Hate outland and northrend with a buring passion.

    MoP is a good change.

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    Mists doesn't disappoint me in any way at all yet I like wrath more because of the frozen wasteland theme, naxx, icc, and the story overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    Everything but Burning Crusade. It was a pile of garbage and nothing was done right. Thank goodness Blizzard moved on from it.

    Seriously though, the majority will either choose BC if they were around or Wrath if they started during that expansion.
    You mean back when the game was challenging and required you to actually do things before just jumping into a raid and failing hard at it?

    What exactly do you think failed in BC? The only thing I don't miss is grinding rep for the keys to do heroic versions of instances.

    I miss attunement, I miss it so much. I miss being required to do retard check quests just to get into the other raids. It also has some of the best looking tier sets in the game.

    Did it have it's flaws? Oh of course, I won't deny that, there were plenty of rage inducing things in that expansion but so many super rad things in it, which made up for it. Plus it was actually challenging.

    WotLK was the beginning of the end. I enjoyed the expansion but they started implementing a lot of the things I can't stand in the game during the later parts of WotLK.

    Cata was a supreme fail, that's when they really started to cater to the casuals and just started to hand out purples left and right.

    The fact that MOP is the highest makes me sad, really really sad. I'm not sure what people are finding fun in MoP.

    The free purples [usually bags of gold, lets be honest] from LFR?

    The fact that you ding 90 and can instantly get into a heroic? Oh, is it the SUPER fun reputation grind?!?!!!! It must be that. Or how they dumbed down EVERY SINGLE CLASS in the game with the "new and improved" talent tree's?

    Granted I know the game is gaining in popularity with the younger audience and most of them are lazy and don't like to have to put forth too much effort to get gear, I understand that, but for people to find that FUN blows my mind.

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    I said Wrath. Why? Because it was the last expansion before Cataclysm ruined everything. If it wasn't for the the shitfest that was Cata, Pandaria would probably be #1. And I started in TBC. But everything pre-November 2010 (when the Cata pre-patch dropped) will always be better. Everything released after Cata will always be tainted by the shit of Cataclysm.

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    heh... so much for people's theories that everybody who said "We hate Cataclysm" would be now saying "We hate MoP, bring back Cataclysm!" ^_^

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    We've gotten this over with... This exact poll... many many times. Voted Wrath it was the most fun I've had in this game, so far MoP is excellent but too early to vote it over wrath.

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    I'm torn between WoTLK and MoP. First one because of the lore and setting, Northrend was just awesome and boss like LK was so epic. MoP on the other hand made this game bigger and better with more gameplay options, also new fantastic continent, some good core changes like talents for example, very very fun to play monk class (unlike DK), also all this crazy shit going on in the lore right now, never was more excited to see what future brings in WoW then now.

    I'm talking from TBC player perspective btw, I really like some part of it, but I also remember all that hate when TBC was current content, now everyone sees it in rose tinted glasses, but truth is only the hardcores enjoyed it.

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